Visit Jones Beach State Park to Have the Best Beach Vacation on the Atlantic Ocean

Nov 19, 2020 04:30 PM

Visit Jones Beach State Park - Photo by Jones Beach State Park from Facebook
SHARE - Give yourself a break from the stressful routine and reconnect with nature at Jones Beach State Park. This natural paradise is home to 6.5 miles of beautiful white-sand beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

Covering more than 2,400-acres of the maritime environment, this world-famous park attracts more than 6 million visitors each year. This park is perfect for those who are in seek of family vacations during the summer season. The park will proudly serve you with breathtaking views of the south shore of Long Island for your pleasure.

To help you plan the best journey to Jones Beach State Park, Tripboba provides this guide to collect all the things you need to know. So, scroll down to find more content!

Jones Beach State Park Wantagh NY

Visit Jones Beach State Park - Photo by Jones Beach State Park from Facebook

During your visit to Jones Beach State Park, you can expect a lot of recreational activities to do. Whether you want to camp or spend a one-day trip here.

Visitors can spend their time exploring the 2,413 acres park featuring a 6.5-mile ocean beach frontage and also a half-mile of bay frontage. The state park is popular for its great beaches that span along10 km facing the Atlantic Ocean. Just along the shoreline, you can find numerous popular summer recreational locations in the New York City area.

The park is the town's top attraction for swimming. Here, you can enjoy fine surf bathing along the 6.5-miles ocean beach. You can also have still-water bathing on the one-half mile or swimming on one of the two swimming pools provided by the park.

On the ocean side, you can enjoy strolling on the white-sand shoreline or explore the boardwalk. You can also fish here. If you love to learn history, make sure to visit a historic exhibit around the beach. Food stans, a play miniature golf, basketball, and shuffleboard are also available to enjoy here.

Jones Beach State Park Map

Here is the map to help you locate the hot places in the Jones Beach State Park:

Visit Jones Beach State Park - Photo by

Keep in track with the map and enjoy what you want the most.

Jones Beach State Park Address

Jones Beach State Park is located on 1 Ocean Pkwy, Wantagh, NY 11793, United States. It is in southern Nassau County, in the hamlet of Wantagh.

Jones Beach State Park Hours

Jones Beach State Park, Wantagh is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays. While, on the weekends, they are open from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. On holidays, some lifeguards are on duty to keep you safe.

Jones Beach State Park Fee

The park charges the vehicle use fee for $10.00 and is only collected from 6 am to 6 pm Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.

Jones Beach State Park Parking

Visit Jones Beach State Park - Photo by Jones Beach State Park from Facebook

This park provides numerous parking lots for the visitors, giving the best access to you. From the 3, 4, and 5 fields, you can access the beachfront by tunnels under Ocean Parkway. These fields are linked to the area where it provides easy access for visitors who arrive daily.

While for the 2 and 6 fields, you can get easy access to the oceanfront area. The mobility mats over the sand win to the tide line. It's linked to Field 6, Field 2, Central Mall, Zach's Bay, and the West bathhouse. If you are planning to go straight to the fishing piers, you can park your vehicle at field 10. This field gives the best access to the piers.

Jones Beach State Park Camping

What kind of camping site are you looking for? Just around the Jones Beach State Park, you can find a number of campgrounds offering a camping experience on the bluff between creek drainages.

The camping areas are mostly situated on the environmental tenting camp. Their campground is perfect for those who are planning for primitive camping in the wilderness. A number of campsites are available to book here. There are several toilets available. Campfires are allowed.

Jones Beach State Park Weather

Check on the Jones Beach State Park weather before planning your vacation on this beach park. Regularly, the sea temperatures of the park tend to be warm reaching the highest in early to mid-August. The water temperature is fairly cool at 14 °C contrasting with freezing-cold weather around. Decide on the kind of wetsuit you would like to wear depending on the weather. Surfers will need to consider wearing a quality hooded spring wetsuit to surf at Jones Beach State Park during the colder months.

Those are a variety of fun activities you can do when you visit Jones Beach State Park. Plan your trip now!


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