False Cape State Park Camping

Jan 13, 2021 10:45 PM

Photo by False Cape State Park on Google Maps

Camping is one of the exciting outdoor activities that you can do at False Cape State Park. The state park provides four different campsites located within the state park, namely Barbour Hill Bay, False Cape Landing Bay, Barbour Hill Ocean, and False Cape Landing Ocean.

Camping at False Cape State Park is allowed all year-round, but you need to reserve a spot first in order for you to be able to enjoy camping at the state park. You can reserve a spot by phone at 1-800-933-7275.

Photo by Virginia State Parks from Flickr

The kind of camping that is allowed at False Cape State Park is tent-only primitive camping, which means there are no electric hookups located at the campsites. But, there is drinking water available in the Barbour Hill area, so make sure to bring your own water container to the campsite. In addition, there are several pit toilets and boat docks at Barbour Hill and False Cape Landing that visitors can use.

There are also several rules that you must obey if you plan to enjoy camping at False Cape State Park. Below are some of the rules that campers must obey, such as:

  • Don’t reserve a spot the same day as when you’re going camping.
  • Campers must park their vehicle at Little Island City Park.
  • Campers must receive and bring a confirmation letter and put the copies of the confirmation letter on their vehicle and the site marker.
  • Bring insect repellent, especially during the summer days.
  • Barbour Hill Bay, False Cape Ocean, and Barbour Hill Ocean campsites only permit up to four people per site.
  • False Cape Bay Side only permits up to six people per site.
  • Leave no trash.


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