First Time Traveling Overseas? Here are 7 Things You Should Prepare to Make Your Journey Smooth!

Aug 12, 2020 10:00 PM

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SHARE - Preparing to travel overseas can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time.

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You’re not sure if the documents you have prepared to go through immigration are all complete and how international flight works, especially if your plane is transiting in other countries.

Well, we understand that feeling and you shouldn’t worry, because Tripboba has listed all the things you should prepare before your overseas travel! Check them out!

1. Passport 

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The most important thing to prepare before an overseas trip is a passport. If you don’t have a passport, do make one as soon as possible because it could take a while for your passport to be ready to use.

If you already have one, check the expiration date as well because most countries won’t let you in if the expiration date is less than 6 months away.

2. Visa 

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Although not all countries require a visa to enter, you should still check because it depends on your nationality. Different country has different arrangements and the requirements can change as well.

For example, if you’re from Southeast Asian country, you don’t need to apply for a visa to go to another ASEAN country. 

Waiting for a visa can take a week to a month, sometimes it can be more. So, it’s better to apply for your visa early and make sure it will be valid for your entire stay.

3. Medical preparations and requirements 

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If you have a specific medical condition, make sure you bring enough medicine that could last throughout the duration of your trip. Carry your prescription as well in case something happens when you’re overseas. Also, check with your insurance carrier if they cover overseas emergencies.

Before you travel, make sure you’re vaccinated if the country you’re visiting requires a specific vaccination. After you’re vaccinated, you should receive a yellow health card or the official International Certificate of Vaccination.

4. Credit card 

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Making sure your credit card works in the country you’re visiting is very important.

Check if your card has a chip, as most foreign banks have switched to chip-and-PIN technology. Let your credit card company knows your travel plans and ask them for their accessibility in the country you’re visiting.

Some credit cards also cover canceled flights and lost bags if you purchase your ticket using the card. 

5. Download apps and maps before your arrival 

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For additional information about where you’re living, make sure you have maps and necessary applications on your smartphone.

It will help you navigate while you’re in the country. Save your mobile data charges as well by downloading them before you arrive in your destination country. 

6. Buy tickets before you arrive 

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Planning to visit specific places that require you to buy an entrance ticket?

You can buy them before your departure, as there are special discounts offered online that can only be purchased before arrival. Many cities in the world also offer packages for their attractions and train tickets.

So, make sure you’ve done your research to save money!

7. Share your travel plans 

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Last but not least, make sure that your closest ones know where you’re going and how to contact you. This way, they can make sure you’re safe and put their mind at ease if you keep them updated when unlikely events or catastrophe happened in the country you’re visiting.

Also, save the address of your country’s embassy in the country you’re visiting so you can easily access them if you need their assistance. 


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