Fundy National Park: Everything You Need to Know About This World's Gem!

Fundy National Park: Everything You Need to Know About This World's Gem!
Photo by James Mann from Flickr.
SHARE - Fundy National Park is a calming sanctuary located in Alma, Canada. This place offers many kinds of activities, such as hiking, biking, camping, gold course, and swimming. You can bring along your whole family as this place is very family friendly! Every single trail here offers breathtaking view.

What you couldn’t miss in Fundy National Park is also its high tides – it has the world’s highest tides! The forest is pristine, campgrounds are very comfortable and you can paddle on the water. 

Everything here is well maintained and organized very nicely. There are also regular music performances to entertain the visitors. You’ll definitely love this place if you seek serenity and relaxing atmosphere! Scroll down to find out more about Fundy National Park. 

Fundy National Park Bay 

Photo by James Mann from Flickr.

The first activity we’ll talk about here is kayaking on the Bay of Fundy! As it’s now a finalist for one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, you will never regret taking a look of this world’s beauty. The bay is large and you will need no time to absorb the calming energy from your surroundings there. You can also enjoy eating lobsters here, as well as hanging out with other visitors. 

In the Bay of Fundy, you can also watch the breathtaking tidal change – this isn’t something you can miss while you’re there! At low tide, you can walk on the ocean floor while at high tide the water would be around 12 meters. 

Fundy National Park: Camping 

Photo by Fundy National Park from Facebook.

In Fundy National Park, you can camp whether you want to use a tent, in a trailer, choose the wilderness site, or stay in their cabins, yurts, or oTENTiks! There are four campgrounds if you prefer to bring your own tent: Cannontown, Chignecto, Headquarters, and Point Wolfe. Some of the campgrounds open only during peak season, some open during peak and shoulder seasons.

Campsites in Fundy National Park is very private and quiet with a nice comfort station and playground. You may also lit campfires here with dry wood!

Fundy National Park: Lodging and Cabins 

Photo by Fundy National Park from Facebook.

If you prefer a more comfortable-hassle free stay in Fundy National Park, we suggest you to book their cabin! There are three fully insulated rustic cabins available to be rented through the Parks Canada reservation system.

The cabins itself are located along Hastings Road, Maple Grove Trail, and the Black Horse Trail. From the cabins, you can get a great view of the Bay of Fundy. Parking lot and the cabins are just within walking distance from each other. 

If you’re opting for cabins, don’t forget to bring water, a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, foods, cooking gear, matches or lighter, and lantern!

Fundy National Park: whale watching 

Photo by Fundy National Park from Facebook.

While you’re in Bay of Fundy, you can also spot some whales hanging out! up to 12 species of whales can be found here in the summer months. They use the bay as a feeding ground, nursery, and play area. The whales feast on the enormous amounts of krill, squid, and schools of young herring, pollock, and mackerel found in the bay thanks to the powerful Fundy tides.

The whales you’re most likely to spot here in late spring is Finback whales, Minke whales, and Harbour Porpoises. While in June and mid-July, you can spot Humpback Whales, White-sided dolphins, as well as the rare North Atlantic Right Whale. They usually stay in the Bay of Fundy area until fall. The best month to go whale watching in Fundy National Park is August. 

Fundy National Park: hotels nearby 

Photo by Fundy Highland Chalets from

Looking for a comfortable place to stay near Fundy National Park? you can try Fundy Highlands Motel & Chalets. This cozy lodge will refresh your eyesight as it’s set on green pastures and it’s set inside the Fundy National Park. 

The motel-style rooms feature wood floors, kitchenettes, and free Wi-Fi. You can also use the patio or veranda. Quaint peaked-roof chalets add wood paneling, private decks, and water views. If you’re bringing kids, they will love this place as they can use the kids’ play area. 

Parkland Village Inn is another choice you can opt for. This hotel overlooks the Bay of Fundy, and it’s only 3-minute walk from the outskirts of the Fundy National Park and 2 miles from Dickson Falls. Rooms are comfortable and clean. People love this hotel especially because of the restaurant in it which serves really delicious dishes!


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