Garden State Plaza: Enjoy Your Trip at The Largest Shopping Mall in New Jersey

Garden State Plaza: Enjoy Your Trip at The Largest Shopping Mall in New Jersey
Garden State Plaza - Photo by
SHARE - Do you plan to have a fun trip during the breaks? How about strolling around public places like an upscale shopping mall? If you are interested to go to a shopping mall, Garden State Plaza would be the best destination for you.

Situated in the heart of Paramus, New Jersey, this mall has everything you need and is a perfect place for enjoyment. If it is going to be your first time visiting Garden State Plaza, this article will be a helpful guide for you.

We provide you all the information you need before having fun at Garden State Plaza. Here is what you will learn about this amazing place. 

About Garden State Plaza Mall

Garden State Plaza - Photo by Ryan Khatam from Flickr

Create a cheerful trip to Garden State Plaza and the friendly atmosphere there. Westfield Garden State Plaza or shortly called Garden State Plaza is the second-largest mall in New Jersey and the third-largest mall in the New York metropolitan area.

Located at the intersection of Route 4 and Route 17 near the Garden State Parkway, this mall was first opened in 1957 as the first suburban shopping mall. If you use public transportation to get there, you can take NJ bus line routes 163, 171, 175, 707, 709, 756, 758, and 770.

Garden State Plaza is one of the most profitable malls in the country. With a huge leaseable space, this plaza is housing more than 300 stores. There are three anchors stores that you may have heard frequently. Bamberger's, Gimbel's, and J.C. Penney were available there and often called the largest shopping destination in the world.

Aside from its store, what makes Garden State Plaza a must-visit shopping mall is the popular culture there. This mall was the setting for  Tricia Sullivan's science fiction novel Maul.

Garden State Plaza Restaurants

Garden State Plaza - Photo by Robyn Lee from Flickr

When you are enjoying the mall after strolling around the stores and feel hungry, you should not worry about it. In Garden state plaza, there are many options for dining, from snacking to big meals. Even bars and cocktails, you can find them in this mall.

For having fine dining, you can take a visit to The Capital Grille. This is a famous American restaurant that has spread widely in some regions in the United States, including Garden State Plaza. The first impression when entering this restaurant will be comfortable and elegant.

Besides its atmosphere, The Capital Grille always uses the only freshest and finest ingredients. That's the point why all menu here is amazing. You should definitely try the steaks, as the most famous cuisine from this restaurant. There are also other big meals available at The Capital Grille.

While if you are craving fast food, you have many options to choose from in this shopping mall. You can have American to Mexican style fast food like burritos, tacos, nachos, and other signature dishes. There are also healthy food options for you.

Moreover, if you want to take a short break after strolling around the mall or shopping, you can go to relaxing cafes there. For coffee lovers, just visit Aroma Espresso Bar, hotel chocolate, and Cafria. While if you want some refreshing drinks such as cocktails, you can visit Grand lux cafe or Nordstrom e-bar. They have many selections of the best cocktails.

Garden State Plaza Movies 

Garden State Plaza - Photo by Andreas Glöckner from Pixabay

Enjoy your time at Garden state plaza by watching your favorite movies. Head to AMC Garden state 16 and choose available movie time. Before entering the theatre, take your time to the snack corners and get something like popcorn and drinks.

Additionally, in AMC Garden state 16, you can simply use your smartphone to scan the QR code. You can reserve your seat when buying the tickets online, on your phone, or at the theatre. The theatre features powerful images and sound technologies.

The Garden state plaza parking lot is a place for a drive-in. Recently, the Garden State Plaza holds drive-in movie theatres in the parking lot. The drive-in movies are organized by MegaBite Events. Your trip will be more interesting by having a drive-in movie experience at Garden state plaza.


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