Guide to Breezy Point Beach: Things to Know to Get Memorable Beach Vacation


A Complete Guide to Breezy Point Beach MD

Guide to Breezy Point Beach - Photo by Breezy Point Beach & Campground from Facebook

Breezy Point Beach covers a wide area of a beach and campground. At the park, visitors can enjoy strolling on the 1/2 mile sandy beach accompanied by the ocean breeze. Note that this beach allows no pets in the area.

An admission fee and camping fee are  On the beachfront, visitors will love their time to picnic in the shady areas. There are grills and tables that can be used to complete your picnic or camping time.

A fishing pier is also available for those who want to enjoy their time fishing or crabbing. This park is perfect for a day of the whole family vacation. There's something for everyone at Breezy Point Beach.

There are numerous interesting recreational activities that will give you so much pleasure within the park and campground. Take notes of the things you need to know to plan your memorable trip to the park.

Breezy Point Beach Weather

Before your visit to Breezy Point Beach, make sure to check on the weather predictions of the area. As for the average, Breezy Point mostly has long and warm summers. In winters, it tends to be short but it's snowy and windy.

It's partly cloudy in the whole year. The average temperature is varied from 2°F to 81°F. If you are looking for the best time to visit the area, it's recommended to come around late June to late August. Note also that the peak season is in late July.

Consider the best time depending on your trip plan!

Breezy Point Public Beach

Guide to Breezy Point Beach - Photo by Breezy Point Beach & Campground from Facebook

Breezy Point Beach is popular for every beachgoer of the city. Some facilities provided by the park are restrooms, bathhouses, benches, and also picnic areas.

A Beach wheelchair is also available with prior notice. You can also rent some beach chairs and also umbrellas to complete your time here. If you are here for fishing or crabbing, a 200-foot fishing pier is a perfect gateway for you. It's open from May 1 through the end of October, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Breezy Point Beach Campground

Breezy Point Beach offers the best camping facilities on the 25 feet wide campground area. It's basically situated on the sandy area, alongside the beach.

The amenities include laundry facilities, fire rings, and tablets. The sites are separated by an electric pedestal here. Pick the best sites to camp here. The sites are mostly shaded by trees along the beachfront.


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