Guide to Point Lookout State Park: Plan A Memorable Visit to The Beautiful Shoreline Park

Nov 06, 2020 11:53 PM

Guide to Point Lookout State Park - Photo by
SHARE - Point Lookout State Park spans wide on 1,079 acres of forest, marsh, and sandy beaches. This park is popular for summertime vacations. The area is filled mostly on weekends. During your vacation here, you will be served with the breathtaking views of a peninsula between the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River in St.

Want to know more about the park? Through this guide, Tripboba will help you to explore and collect all the information you need before your visit. There are many great spots to find here. It's highly recommended to plan your visit in advance, so you will not waste your time here.

All About Point Lookout State Park MD

Guide to Point Lookout State Park - Photo by Maryland State Parks from Facebook

More than a shoreline park, the park also features a preserved site of a Civil War prison camp. You can also explore the Point Lookout Lighthouse here. It's pretty interesting to know the story behind this historical lookout.

While the Point Lookout Lighthouse being popular as a historical landmark of the city, they also have 710-foot fishing offering the best fishing opportunities with facilities of a boat launch area. Interesting isn't it? Find them yourself!

Point Lookout State Park Camping

Point Lookout State Park campground offers 143 spacious campsites around spreading among the camping loops. There is actually a number of campsites with different settings you can choose from here. However, it's mostly set in the forest lands. This camping area is surrounded by tall reed grass making the campers feel more secluded.

Twenty-six campsites offer full hookups facilities. Meanwhile, there are 33 sites with only electricity facilities.  For the B-loop campsite, they have an open campground to camp. The Tulip loop is open year-round to self-contained campers. It provides a full hookup loop.

If you are planning to bring your pets, make sure not to book any sites in the C and D loop campground. And, if you prefer camping cabins, they have 6 cabins to rent. Each unit features bunks for four, a fire ring, and also an outdoor table.

With the peaceful ambiance, you will surely be refresh with the nature view around. This place is also good for bird watching and wildlife. Come early and enjoy the view from the sun ups until it downs.

Note that there is no restroom available during the winter months. Also, only six people are permitted to camp at each site.

Point Lookout State Park Beach

Guide to Point Lookout State Park - Photo by Maryland State Parks from Facebook

Point Lookout State Park is beautifully surrounded by a sandy beach. On the Bayside, there is a dog beach and also a fishing pier.

If you are planning for swimming, you can read to the swimming beach on the riverside of the park. The area is situated next to the picnic area, separating with only a tree cover from the parking area. You can enjoy safe swimming here. The beach area provides lifeguards, a bathhouse, and a park store. It's open daily from 6 am to sunset.

Aside from swimming, the beach area also features a boat launch, canoe rental, canoeing, and also fishing pier nearby.

Point Lookout State Park Fishing

Guide to Point Lookout State Park - Photo by Maryland State Parks from Facebook

The fishing pier at Point Lookout State Park offers great opportunities for fishing lovers. This 710-foot fishing pier also features amenities like a boat launch and beaches.

They only operate through mid-April until the third week in December. For the boat launch service, it charges for $10 per day pass. It's only payable at the tollbooth located at the park entrance.

If you are planning to fish here, make sure you have a valid Coastal Sport Fishing license with the appropriate stamps.

Point Lookout State Park Map

Here is a map to help you locate the great things to do at Point Lookout State Park:

Guide to Point Lookout State Park - Photo by

Check the map anytime and find some great spots like Point Lookout Lighthouse where you can see the overviews of the park. Check also on the park scenic trails that are perfect for short hiking. Or, enjoy your time while adoring the view from the 710-foot pier.

Just next to the park, you can also find The Civil War Museum and Maryland Nature Center. This museum is only open seasonally.

So, how's your plan? Plan your trip and get ready for some fun in the sun and water. Those various recreational activities are what you can do when you visit Point Lookout State Park. Scroll down to find more travel tips only on Tripboba.


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