Hawn State Park: Hike at This Park to Feel Like Stepping into a Fairy Tale!

Jan 13, 2021 11:44 PM

Hawn State Park - Photo by Donna Davis from Google Maps

Tripboba.com - Looking for a new destination to visit on your upcoming trip? Probably, Ste. Genevieve will be the perfect spot for it. It’s a beautiful historic little town that is worth visiting. Besides, Ste. Genevieve is full of incredible architecture, wineries, old-world culture, shopping, and history.

In case you are looking for an attraction with nature and fun outdoor activities, look no further than Hawn State Park. It is a tranquil outdoor area featuring bird watching and hiking amidst stunning views and rocky streams.

Do you want to visit Hawn State Park? Fortunately, on this page, Tripboba provides a handy guide to Hawn State Park for you! Let’s have a check.

About Hawn State Park Missouri

Many visitors rely that Hawn State Park is Missouri's most beautiful state park. And it’s a fact. With sandstone cliffs and canyons, pine and oak forests, and clear underwater streams, Hawn State Park attracts visitors’ attention. The many trails, campgrounds, and picnic areas in the park are suitable for visitors who wish to enjoy the splendor of nature. Hence, this is truly a nature lover's heaven!

Hawn State Park is a 4,953-acre park that preserves some of the best areas to see Missouri's natural wonders. The 2,880-acre Whispering Pine Forest Area boasts great opportunities for bird watching, backpacking, or studying nature.

Covered with flowering pines, oaks, and dogwoods, the area is home to a wide variety of animals, plants, and birds. Pickle Creek, for its high quality and natural authenticity, has been designated a natural area. In addition, it is also one of the few places in the state where you can see the different types of rock exposed to the surface.

Enjoy a serene lunch at one of the many picnic tables that decorate the pine needle-covered sandy forest floor. Besides, you can also hike along some of Missouri's most picturesque outback trails. Hawn State Park is the impeccable base for visitors looking to explore the natural beauty of Show-Me-State that is unspoiled!

Hawn State Park Map

1. Park Map

Hawn State Park - Photo by Hawn State Park from mostateparks.com/park/hawn-state-park

2. Campground Map

Hawn State Park - Photo by Hawn State Park from mostateparks.com/park/hawn-state-park

Hawn State Park Camping

Hawn State Park - Photo by Mac DeStroir from Pexels

Staying overnight at Hawn State Park is the ultimate way to explore and experience this beautiful state park. The park provides basic and electric campsites, as well as several secluded trails. Services available include a bookable site, shower, a dump station, water and laundry.

Located in sandstone country east of the Ozark, the park is famous for its wild pine trees and azaleas. It also has a picnic area and a 10-mile backpacking trail. Camping reservations: 877-422-6766 and online. Reservations are available March-November and required April-October.

Hawn State Park Hiking

Hawn State Park - Photo by Vasily Kalugin from Google Maps

Hiking at Hawn Missouri State Park is like stepping into a fairy tale! Most of the fairy tales are about stunning settings like the epic love stories they tell. Hiking at Hawn State Park, particularly if you set off on the Whispering Pines Trail, is something like entering into a fairy tale.

Sunlight peeks through the tree canopies. Waterfall flowing down. Footsteps echo on the wooden bridge. This is one hike that's definitely worth adding to your trip bucket list.

Tucked away in 5,000 acres of Hawn State Park, the Whispering Pines Trail guides hikers through a protected wilderness, where the landscape boasts "primitive beauty”. In case you are ready for the challenge, you will discover it on the Whispering Pines Trail 12.4 miles away.

This trail is classified as difficult because of some rocky terrain and narrow paths. But the difficult ranking certainly does not discourage hikers, so they are able to find a fairly busy path. The best time to avoid crowds is that you can hike this trail early in the morning.

This trail is also famous with backpackers. If you're looking to hike a little longer, you will discover three different backpacking/camping locations along the way. However, in case you want to go backpacking overnight, you need to contact the state park camp office to fill out the necessary paperwork. (Your overnight is free, though.)

Although most of the trails are flat, you will have to climb several hills and meet challenging terrain as you pass through hardwood and pine forests. Also, you will pass flowing rivers and even beautiful wooden bridges!

Since you will face challenging terrain, you may need to wear sturdy hiking boots. Also, watch for local wildlife. From deer prancing between the trees to lizards scurrying the forest floor.

So, have you been visiting Hawn State Park? What is your favorite activity at this park? Tell us your story through the comment box!


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