Hunter Mountain: Read This before Visiting to Get the Best Skiing Experience!

Oct 22, 2020 05:00 PM

Hunter Mountain - Photo by Johann G from Flickr
SHARE - Hunter Mountain is famous for skiing and snowboarding. When you visit Green County, it's so recommended for you to come here and experience skiing or snowboarding in the Hunter Mountain area. You can also get lessons about skiing at this resort.

For ski lovers, this place is one of the favorites because it has 58 trails with various experiences to offer. Another thing that you can do is go up with the Hunter Mountain lift. 

In this article, we have important things you should know before visiting Hunter Mountain. It might help you to get yourself prepared to get the best experience of skiing that you won't get anywhere else. So, keep reading!

Hunter Mountain NY

Hunter Mountain - Photo by Rym DeCoster from Flickr

Hunter Mountain is a ski resort in Green County. This cool resort is located about three hours northwest of New York City in the town of Hunter, New York.

If you have a plan to come to Hunter Mountain, it's good to know all the information about the resort so that you can prepare and make a reservation if needed. Here's the detailed information you may need below!

Address: 64 Klein Ave, Hunter, NY 12442, United States

Phone: +1 800-486-8376

Passes fees: 

1. Epic Pass

  • Adult (13+): $999
  • Child (5-12 years old): $509

2. Epic Local Pass

  • Adult (19+): $749
  • Child (5-12 years old): $389
  • Teen (13-18 years old): $599

3. Epic Day Pass

  • Adult (13+): $415
  • Child (5-12 years old): $216

4. Northeast Midweek Pass

  • Adult (18- 64 years old): $469
  • Senior (65+): $349

5. Northeast Value Pass

  • Adult (18-64 years old): $619
  • Teen (13-17 years old): $459
  • Senior (65-79 years old): $459
  • College (17+): $429

Hunter Mountain weather

Hunter Mountain - Photo by Nick Gray from Flickr

The best time to get the perfect weather and temperature at Hunter Mountain is between May 7th to July 8th. It's when the weather is cold and snowy. You can go skiing with your buddies or family. If you don't like crowds, avoid coming in July, May, and December. It's too busy during those months even though the weather is good too. 

Hunter Mountain hotels

Hunter Mountain - Photo by sandler482 from Flickr

There are some hotels near Hunter Mountain where you can stay. The first place is the Kaatskill Mountain Club. This brown hotel has comfortable bedrooms and excellent facilities to offer, like AC, outdoor pool, and Wi-Fi.

Kaatskill Mountain Club is located 0.7 miles from Hunter Mountain. Another place to stay in is the Hunter Inn. This hotel is located  0.9 miles from Hunter Mountain. It has a cozy atmosphere and comfy rooms to sleep in. 

Hunter Mountain trail map

Hunter Mountain - Photo by Image from

Hunter Mountain is popular for its skiing trails, so it's recommended for you to know or have the trails map. You can download the full version of the map on the website at There will be some symbols and explanations to read on the trails map. 

Hunter Mountain Oktoberfest

Hunter Mountain - Photo by Sonja Stark from Flickr

If you interested in Oktoberfest, there are 4 weekends of Bavarian Festivities that Hunter Mountain offers. Read the list below!

1. First weekend

The first weekend is September 25-26. Octoberfest will feature Ciders in the Catskills tasting event showcasing some of the best cideries in New York City. 

2. Second weekend

The second weekend of Octoberfest will be held on October 2-3. There will be a feature with Colors in the Catskills: Off-Road Edition. 

3. Third weekend

The third weekend will be held on October 9-10. Octoberfest will feature with Das Laufwerk Eurocar Rally. 

4. The fourth weekend

The fourth weekend will be held on October 16-17. You will see a featuring of Octoberfest and Wineries in the Catskills. 

Hunter Mountain lodging

Hunter Mountain - Photo by Rob DiCaterino from Flickr

When you come to Hunter Mountain, there are many lodgings to stay in too! You can rent the whole house with great facilities inside.

Scribner's Catskill Lodge is one of the great lodges to go to. This lodge is a mile away from Hunter Mountain. Enjoy the comfy rooms and other facilities, like the outdoor pool.

Also, you can go to The Fairlawn Inn. This lodge has a Victorian interior with a green yard and a positive vibe. AC and free breakfast are provided. From here, you only spend 10 minutes walk to Hunter Mountain. 

Hunter Mountain hours

Hunter Mountain - Photo by Shinya Suzuki from Flickr

When does Hunter Mountain resort open? Well, you can come to visit this amazing resort between 9 AM and 4 PM. But, the open hours will be longer on weekends. It opens from 8 AM to 4 PM. So, get yourself ready!


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