Visit Irvine Regional Park and Explore the Zoo with Your Family

Nov 27, 2020 09:30 PM

Irvine Regional Park - Photo by F. Muhammad from Pixabay
SHARE - When you are in California, make sure to come and check Irvine Regional Park. It is an amazing place full of blessings by nature that you won't find anywhere else!

Inside this article, Tripboba will tell you some common information about, but maybe it is something new for you. So, please have a seat and read until the end.

Irvine Regional Park Orange CA

Irvine Regional Park - Photo by Colleen Greene from Flickr

Irvine Regional Park or Irvine Park is a beautiful park in Orange County, California which has an important role in the growth of Orange County. Having a 160-acre (65 ha) area, Irvine Regional Park is the first regional park in Orange County, the United States. Irvine Regional Park was established in 1897 and had been put in the list on the National Register of Historic Places by the US Government in 1983, due to the park's contribute

You might indeed get flashes of happiness after seeing the front gate of Irvine Regional Park. This wonderful park has a green environment that will shade you from the scorching sunshine. A heritage forest of Oak and Sycamore trees surround every side of the park, including the rolling foothills. Well-tended short grass for picnic area is provided by the park for you to spend your spare time with your beloved family or group of friends.

Besides the greeny things, you will find the Santiago Creek streams slowly through the park, a lake, lagoon, playgrounds, an astonishing stone-worked waterfall, and short bridges in the center of Irvine Regional Park. All these good things are able to see when you look further.


It is a guarantee that you might not get bored when you are in Irvine Regional Park. There is a lot of activities that you can do:

  • Biking

  • Hiking

  • Picnicking

  • Playing games (softball, volleyball, basketball, and horseshoes pit)

  • Paddle boating

  • Horse and Pony ride

  • Train ride (for kids)


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