Killarney National Park: All Things You Should Know Before Visiting Killarney National Park in Ireland

Killarney National Park: All Things You Should Know Before Visiting Killarney National Park in Ireland
Killarney National Park - Photo by Tony Webster from Flickr
SHARE - Have you ever heard about Killarney National Park? If you haven't, this page is an important read for you who loves the majesty of nature. This national park is so awesome and it is worthy to be your next destination. Keep reading!

Killarney National Park Ireland

Killarney National Park - Photo by Doug Kerr from Flickr

Killarney National Park is one of the national parks that you can find when you are visiting Ireland. Killarney National Park was established in 1932 and became the first national park in Ireland.

The natural ecosystem can be found at Killarney National Park, like Lakes of Killarney, oaks and yew woodlands, and the red deer herd, the only species on mainland Ireland. Do not forget about the most extensive covering of native forests in the whole of Ireland. This rich ecological exists because of the line up of mountains, which has a function as if to protect everything inside from the outside.

Other Flora and fauna that are lived in the park you can meet:


Killarney National Park - Photo by Carole Ratcliffe from Flickr


  • The Kerry slug

  • Freshwater pearl mussel

  • Downy emerald

  • Northern emerald

  • Marsh Fritillary

  • Hairstreak butterfly


  • Killarney shad

  • Salmon

  • Arctic char

  • Trout

Amphibians and Reptiles:

  • Common newt

  • Viviparous lizard

  • Common frog

Wild Birds:

  • Greenland white-fronted goose

  • Kingfisher

  • Redstart

  • Garden Warble

  • Wood Warbler

  • Ring Ouzel

  • Peregrine Falcon

  • Merlin

  • Killarney flock


  • Red Deer

  • Japanese sika deer

  • Lesser horseshoe bat

  • Pine marten

  • Otter

  • Mink

  • Irish hare

  • Red squirrel

  • Badger

  • Stoat

  • Fox

  • Bank voles


Killarney National Park - Photo by Nicolas Raymond from Flickr


  • (mosses and liverworts)


    • Lobaria

    • Parmeliella

    • Pannaria

    • Sticta

    Higher Plants:

    • St. Patrick’s cabbage

    • Kidney saxifrage

    • Greater butterwort

    • Arbutus

    • Blue-eyed grass

    • Mountain sorrel

    • Green spleenwort

    • Alpine clubmoss

    • Irish saxifrage

    • Killarney fern

    • Pillwort fern

    • Betony

    • Slender cudweed

    • Slender naiad

    • Opposite-leaved pondweed

    • Alder buckthorn

    • Whitebeam

    Besides its green forest, Killarney National Park also has some lakes that beautify this park. there 3 lakes that you can find there, which are Lough Leane (the lower lake), Muckross Lake (the middle lake), and the Upper Lake. the special thing that makes these lakes special is these 3 lakes are interconnected and form almost a quarter of the national park area.

    If you ask the largest lake from these 3 lakes, Lough Leane is the answer. Lough Leane has an area of 19 square kilometers (4,700 acres) and contains freshwater. And if you ask what is the deepest lake, the answer that you will get is  Muckross Lake. The depth of Muckross Lake, according to the newest measure, has a maximum depth of 73.5 meters (241 ft).

    Even though these 3 lakes are connected, it doesn't mean they have the same ecosystem. Each of them has their unique potential to be protected. Lough Lane is full of nutrients and Muckross Lake has its high-quality oligotrophic systems. Don't forget about Upper Lake too, which becomes a perfect place to relax your body, due to the calmness of the lake.

    Killarney National Park provides a lot of recreation for tourists. You can visit the aesthetic Muckross and Killarney House and Gardens, hiking, watching through Emerald Forest, enjoying the sunrise and sunset, or learn more about everything that can find in the park at Killarney National Park Education Centre.

    For the lake recreation, you can try to do sport fishing to catch some brown trout and salmon.

    Killarney National Park is in a good hand. The National Parks and Wildlife Service is the one who has the task to protect the condition of Killarney National Park and also to handle the management and administration of the park.

    So, you do not have to worry about how fresh and good it is. Killarney National Park is a good place to visit if you want to feel the best natural wildlife and to see the green of the earth. the scenery in Killarney National Park can refresh your eyes and mind, due to the beauty of the wildlife ecosystem.

    Killarney National Park map

    Killarney National Park is located in, Killarney town, County Kerry, Ireland. Killarney National Park is big, so you make sure you bring a map of the park.

    Killarney National Park - Photo by Killarney House & Gardens Visitor Centre from Killarney

    For the full map and also the direction to the Centre, you can download the full version on this website Killarney For additional information, you can contact the Killarney National Park Centre through these alternatives below.

    Killarney National Park hotels

    Killarney National Park - Photo by Reeks District from Flickr

    There are some options for the hotels if you want to stay one or two nights in Killarney town and close to the national park. Keep scrolling down!

    1. Scotts Hotel

    • Scotts Street, Killarney, Ireland

    • 0.3 miles from Killarney National Park

    • Price/night: $97.95

    • Tel: +353 64 663 1060

    • Email:

    2. Hotel Killarney

    • Cork Road, Killarney V93 FX00, Ireland

    • 1.0 miles from Killarney National Park

    • Price/night: $102.7

    • Tel: +353 64 6626200

    • Fax: + 353 64 6632438

    • Email:

    3. Gleneagle Hotel and Apartments

    • Muckross Road, Killarney V93 PY80, Ireland

    • 0.8 miles from Killarney National Park

    • Price/night: $97.09

    • General Tel.: +353 (0)64 663 6000

    • Res Tel.: +353 (0)64 667 1550

    • Email:

    4. Failte Hotel

    • College Street, Killarney V93 N625, Ireland

    • 0.3 miles from Killarney National Park

    • Price/night: $92.20

    • Tel: +353 64 663 3404

    • FB: @TheFailteHotelKillarney


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