Killarney Provincial Park: Things to Know before Visiting the Stunning Killarney Provincial Park

Oct 18, 2020 07:30 PM

Killarney Provincial Park - Photo by Claudiu Dobre from Flickr
SHARE - Killarney Provincial Park is a big and natural park with 49325.00 ha. This beautiful park can be one of the best destinations when you are in Ontario.

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The park offers so many panoramic views and makes you feel so close to nature. Here, there are many fun things that you can do, like swimming, biking, riding, boating, fishing, and many more. But, the most popular activities to do at Killarney Provincial Park are camping and hiking. 

In this article, we have important things you should know before going to Killarney Provincial Park. So, you know what to do and what to prepare. Keep scrolling down!

Killarney Provincial Park map

Killarney Provincial Park - Photo by Image from

After you see the map of the Killarney Provincial Park map, it's better to know the other information that you may need about the park. Here are the address and contact!

Address: 960 ON-637, Killarney, ON P0M 2A0, Canada

Phone: 705-287-2900

Park Classification: Wilderness

Killarney Provincial Park camping

Killarney Provincial Park - Photo by eltpics from Flickr

There 3 kinds of camping experiences you can get at Killarney Provincial Park. You can read further information about each kind below!

1. Backcountry camping

There are two ways to choose that are the canoe routes network and the backpacking trail network. You will paddle across clear topaz lakes with a view of the backcountry. You can also enjoy one of the most amazing and challenging hikes in the country on the La Cloche Silhouette Trail.

For paddling, you can make an online reservation or by phone up to 5 months before your visiting date. This is also applied for hiking reservations. You will get the permits for the following locations: 

  • George Lake campground and Killarney backcountry access (George Lake campground office)
  • Bell Lake backcountry access (Bell Lake access point)
  • Highway 6 access point 
  • The Crack day-use hike 
  • Chickanishing Creek Trail assesses point, Georgian Bay access point.

2. Car camping

George Lake Campground is open all year round for camping. But, remember that the main gates are closed in the snowy season. For car camping, you can make an online reservation or by phone too. 

3. Radio-Free camping

If you want radio-free camping, Campground D is the choice. It's from sites #82-#113. 

4. Camp cabin

The camp cabin is located in Park 2. You can choose site #137 or #138. The cabins are designed with a wood interior with and a screened-in front porch. Each cabin is for a maximum5 of people with a queen bed and double/single bunk bed.

Your rental fee will include 1 vehicle to park, but in winter all visitors will leave their vehicles at the park office and bring all gears to the cabin using a toboggan provided by the park. To reserve the camp cabin, you can do it online or by phone. 

5. Yurt

The yurts are located on Park 6, the George Lake Campground with 6 sites. The yurts are away from other campers. The maximum number of people for each yurt is 6 people.

Here, you can park your vehicle near the yurts but not on the yurt site. To move your gears from your vehicle, you can use a wagon provided by the park and your rental fee includes 1 vehicle to park. To reserve the yurt, you can also do an online reservation or call 1-888-ONT-PARK.

6. The camping fees


  • Regular (electrical): $53.68
  • Ontario senior (electrical): $42.94
  • Persons with disabilities (electrical): $26.84
  • Regular (non-electrical): $47.46
  • Ontario senior (non-electrical): $37.97
  • Persons with disabilities (non-electrical): $23.73


  • Regular (electrical): $49.44
  • Ontario senior (electrical): $39.55
  • Persons with disabilities (electrical): $24.72
  • Regular (non-electrical): $43.79
  • Ontario senior (non-electrical): $35.03
  • Persons with disabilities (non-electrical): $21.90


  • Regular(electrical): $43.79
  • Ontario senior(electrical): $35.03
  • Persons with disabilities (electrical): $21.90
  • Regular (non-electrical): $38.70
  • Ontario senior(non-electrical): $30.96
  • Persons with disabilities (non-electrical): $19.36

Killarney Provincial Park hiking

Killarney Provincial Park - Photo by Bobcatnorth from Flickr

Hiking is one of the favorite things to do at Killarney Provincial Park. There are 6 trails that you can choose depending on your strength. Each route will give a different fun experience!

1. Chikanishing trail 

This is a moderate trail with 3 km long. You may spend 1.5 hours. You will go through the winds along the park and cross small ridges, then end at Georgian Bay point. The vegetation type of this trail is the rocky and windswept terrain of Georgian Bay. 

2. Cranberry Bog Trail 

This is another moderate trail with 4 km long. You will spend about 2.5 hours. You will go through bogs, marshes, and swamps, as well as leatherleaf, pitcher plant, and cranberry. Through this route, you might see the lovely beaver, birds, and turtles show up. 

3. Granite Ridge Trail 

This is a moderate trail too. It's 2 km long and you may spend 1 hour. If you choose this trail, you will see the view of the unique La Cloche Mountains and 2 lookouts of the park. On the south side, you will see the views of Collin’s Inlet and Philip Edward Island. 

4. Lake of The Woods Trail

This difficult trail is 3.5 km long with 3 hours to spend. You will through a variety of forest types, from old-growth stands to elevated rocky outcrops. Also, you will enjoy the views of Silver Peak and Lake of the Woods.

5. The Crack

This is another different trail with 6 km long. You may spend about 4 hours. When you go through this trial, you will see the stunning view of Killarney Ridge and other panoramic views on all sides when you reach the top. 

6. La Cloche Silhouette Trail 

This is the only strenuous type of trail at Killarney Provincial Park. This trail is 80 km and you may spend about 7-10 days. If you choose this trail, no needs to ask about the views because you will get the best views and they are various. But, always look out for wildlife or clues of their presence.


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