Kiptopeke State Park: An Incomparable Park with Historic Significance and Gorgeous Sceneries

Oct 29, 2020 07:00 AM

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SHARE - Welcome to Kiptopeke State Park! Located just north of the Cape Charles / Chesapeake Bay, this park offers many outdoor opportunities such as biking, hiking, bay access, and bird watching. Additionally, this park also offers a campground on site that can be the perfect place to spend your night and gaze at sparkling stars.

Do you want to know more about Kiptopeke State Park? You have come to the right place! Stay on this page for more information about this park.

All About Kiptopeke State Park VA

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Kiptopeke State Park is a state park situated on the southern tip of Virginia's East Coast and Delmarva Peninsula in Northampton County, near Cape Charles. In this inviting park, you will find yourself unwinding and relaxing in the most stunning coastal environment.

What this particular beach may do not have is dramatic waves. You will be welcomed by peaceful waters, a tranquil atmosphere, and soft sandy beaches.

There are many recreational activities available to enjoy most of your time in Kiptopeke. From strolling along the water to boating. For those who love birds, watching migratory birds will be a great activity to do. All in all, Kiptopeke State Park is a paradise for outdoor lovers.

Kiptopeke State Park Camping

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Kiptopeke State Park Campground is situated in the woods along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay on Virginia's East Coast. It comprises 192 campsites, from car campers to lodges and cabins.

Most of the campsites are situated in the forested area to the east of the beach. But, there are two wooden paths that run from the campground above the sand dunes to the beach below.

There is little shade inside the campground, and most sites have ample space. But, some can be very close to the next site, separated just by a slight barrier. Each camping circle has its own bathroom facilities, including hot showers and flush toilets.

The most intriguing part of this camp is V.I.P. access to the beach. While you are able to visit the beach from the visitor center or the main parking lot, entering from the camping trail provides a little more silence for those looking to beat the crowd.

Additionally, there is access to boat/kayak launches, picnic areas, and fishing piers which are situated only a short distance from the main beach access point. The picnic/beach area boasts views of the semi-submerged concrete ship, which is now becoming wildlife havens.

Kiptopeke State Park Weather

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The average temperature in Kiptopeke State Park varies widely. Due to the humidity, temperatures feel pleasant for some years, but often too hot in summer and cold in winter with a fair chance of rainfall about half the year.

If you are in search of the warmest time to visit Kiptopeke State Park, the hottest months are July, August, and then June. The warmest time of the year is usually mid-July with the highest temperatures usually around 88.5 °F (31.4 °C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 72.4 °F (22.4 °C) at night.

Kiptopeke State Park Yurt

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Do you want to spend your night with a different and unique experience? You can stay at Kiptopeke’s yurts! Recreational yurts at Kiptopeke State Park are a modern adaptation of an ancient nomadic shelter. Functionally, it's a cross between a cabin and a tent.

Kiptopeke State Park features four yurts located neatly into the jungle area along with extra privacy and shade. Each yurt is equipped with a picnic table, a large wooden deck, a charcoal grill, and a fire ring by the fireplace. Cooking, smoking, or pets are not allowed.

Yurt 1 (deluxe) boasts air conditioning and heating. It is available from the first Friday of March to Labor Day. Meanwhile, Yurts 2, 3, and 4 (standard) have no air conditioning, heating, or electricity. They are available from the first Friday of March to the first Sunday of December.

Kiptopeke State Park Cabins

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Kiptopeke State Park offers two two-bedroom cabins and two three-bedroom cabins. A week of stay is needed between Heroes' Day and Labor Day weekend. This compulsion is reduced to four nights for a three-month stay and down to two nights in the last month prior to arrival.

A minimum stay of two nights is needed for the rest of the year. Rentals for Cabin A begin on Friday, cabins B and C begin on Sunday, and cabin D starts on Saturday.

So, which cabin do you want to stay at?


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