Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel: Perfect and Enjoyable to Stay With Family or Friends!

Oct 17, 2020 01:48 PM - Photo by Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel
SHARE - Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is located at 4130 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, at the base of Heavenly Mountain Resort. Staying at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, you will enjoy several exciting activities Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel has to offer, such as world-class gaming, ice-skating, golf, shopping, biking, and so on. 

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is perfect for the family. Besides, whether you have a corporate meeting, social occasion, groups, or adventure vacation, make sure you stay at this fantastic resort. 

Every hotel reservation includes a comfortable two-room suite, free buffet breakfast, and a free happy hour. 

Are you curious about what's on Lake Tahoe Resort? You come to the right page. Tripboba will share with you some information you might need for family accommodation to stay in. Keep scrolling!

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel Amenities - Photo by Gordon Chou

If you are tired of exploring the Tahoe area, Lake Tahoe resort is the right answer to stay in. You can relax at one of the luxury suites, experience a fantastic taste of American cuisine in Echo Restaurant, exploring around through one of three garden atriums, get settled at the heated pool, soak at the Whirlpool, work out in the fitness center, and so on. All reservations include a comfortable two-room suite and free breakfast each morning. 

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel Wedding - Photo by Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

This might be your unique venue ever to celebrate your wedding dream at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel.


Whatever your wedding concept is, you will find a space to make your dream come true. Each venue can accommodate more than 200 people. Whether you want a real romantic wedding or outdoor vibe, Lake Tahoe Resort Hotels will not disappoint you. There are around four venues, such as Lakeside Beach, Garden Atrium, Ballroom, and Tallac.  


With a maximum of 240 guests, it offers from small to medium-sized events. You can add special catering, audio-visual and creative services, including stunning decor. 

Photo Album

To capture your special moment in your life, you can believe in the client's wedding photos. Get some collection for the entire moment by it. 

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel Activities & Recreation - Photo by gigi4791

You will not regret visiting Lake Tahoe and staying at this stunning hotel with several exciting activities you might enjoy. Below is the list for activities and recreation in Lake Tahoe, such as:

Winter Fun 

Lake Tahoe is located in the heart of the Sierra Nevadas. It offers incredible alpine skiing and cross-country skiing, including snowboarding at 18 unique ski areas like heavenly, Kirkwood, Sierra-at-Tahoe, Northstar-at-Tahoe Squaw Valley USA. 

Summer Fun 

Your summertime would be incredible by having fun at America's largest alpine lake. Take the opportunities for some other fun activities such as hiking, biking, world-class golf, water sport, paddlewheel, trail riding, and many more. 

Kid-Friendly Fun

Make your vacation great with your kids for doing several fun things like mini-golf, ice skating, bowling, and many more.

Nightlife Fun

Casino gaming is one of the famous gaming sports year-round in Lake Tahoe. You can enjoy Craps, Roulette, Baccarat and etc. Besides, there are also several restaurants and regular performances by the most prominent name of entertainment. 

Lake Tahoe Attractions - Photo by Justin Kenneth Rowley

Lake Tahoe is a year-round playground with attractions and recreation for your whole family. There are several activities you might enjoy, such as biking, fishing, watersports, shopping, downhill skiing, X-C skiing, and parasailing. Each place has a picnic area, BBQ Grills, restroom, etc. for more information, you can check their official website. 

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel Promo Code 

We will share with you some best rates, deals, and vacation packages available. All rates include a comfortable two-room suite and daily breakfast. 

  • All Work And Tons of Play: use promo code THANKU
  • Value Suites Up To $40 Off Per Night: use promo code VALUESUITE
  • AAA Special: use promo code AAA
  • Military Special: use promo code MIL
  • Senior Special: use promo code S65

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel Spa

This is truly your best way to get relaxed and unwind after day by day doing regular activity. If you are looking to plan a romantic getaway or just a "me time," this list below will help you enjoy your pleasure. 

A Message and Spa Day

It offers in-suite massage and spa services through An Association of Massage Therapists South Lake Tahoe. You can enjoy various massages, detoxifying algae, and aloe wraps, including body polish, and many more. 

Yoga and Meditation

During summertime, you can be doing yoga on the beach while taking in some of Tahoe's breathtaking views. Besides, are you curious about paddle yoga? You will also experience it in the refreshing water. 


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