Lost Island Water Park Tickets

Nov 22, 2020 02:00 AM

Photo by American Marketing & Publishing from Google Maps

Tickets bought online must be used on a chosen date. Admission tickets can also be bought at the gate. 


  • Tallness and weight limitation apply for certain rides 
  • No bolts on swimwear for certain rides 
  • No refunds for rain 
  • Kindly note the participation tracker at the highest point of the page, before your visit.

2021 Date Specific Admission - Online Only 

  • Buy tickets ahead of time for a particular day and assure your entrance. 
  • Adults and Children: Starting at $30.00 
  • Must be bought by 12 PM the night before to the day of your visit.

2021 Day Pass - At the Gate 

Got minimal ones with you? Buy tickets at the entryway and get a good deal on their admission ticket! 

  • Kids Under 48": $29.00 
  • Kids Ages 3 and Under: FREE 
  • 48" and Over: $35.00 
  • Limits Available at the Gate: Valid ID Required 
  • Senior/AAA: $33.00 
  • Military: $30.00 

2021 Waterpark Two-Day Pass 

  • Return and spare! Passes must be used in two back to back days. 
  • Adults and Children: $52.00 

2021 Bundle Pass 

  • Get an all entrance pass to everything Lost Island has to bring to the table. Pack Pass including one waterpark confirmation, one round of smaller than expected golf, and one go-kart race. 
  • Adults and Children: $42.75 

2021 Individual Standard Season Pass 

  • Standard Season Pass is legitimate for admission for the whole 2020 season! 
  • Adults and Children: $150 - Plus assessment

2021 Individual Gold Season Pass 

Gold Season Pass membership is valid for confirmation PLUS additional advantages and limits for the whole 2020 season! 

Adults and Children: $199 - plus tax 

Gold Season Pass membership including: 

  • Gift Refillable Mug for FREE tops off the entire season! 
  • NEW AMENITY - Unlimited little golf the entire season. 
  • $10 discount on cabana rental. 
  • $12 rebate once per visit on admission for a companion. 
  • 10% discount on food at Castaway and Treetop Cafe. 
  • Locker Pass for 1 FREE little locker rental per visit. 


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