Misquamicut Beach: 4 Things to Know Before Your Wonderful Vacation

Oct 16, 2020 11:59 PM

4 Things to Know Before Your Wonderful Vacation - Photo by Misquamicut Beach from Facebook

Tripboba.com - Escape your daily routine and visit Misquamicut State Beach. Misquamicut Beach is one of the state's most popular beaches. It is a fantastic beach that offers many kinds of interesting activities.

With over a half-mile of beachfront, there are also many local attractions for  adults and children. Once you are here, you can not finish your trip without at least doing one watersport activities provided by the beach.

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Here, you can spend your time strolling around the sandy 3-mile-long beach or just enjoy sunbathing on the beachside. There are actually numbers of hot spots to have fun that you can check out located not far from the beach.

On the beachfront area, you will find numerous fun activities from golfing to shopping. In this article, Tripboba will help you to explore and collect all the information you need before your amazing journey to the beach.

What's more to wait for? Explore this article to know everything and the exciting things to do in Misquamicut Beach.

Misquamicut Beach Weather

4 Things to Know Before Your Wonderful Vacation - Photo by Misquamicut Beach from Facebook

Most of the time, the water is usually pretty clear since it's directly facing the Atlantic Ocean, and there isn't too much seaweed. It's also perfect to swim here.  Offshore winds are from the north northwest. Thus it makes the beach reliable for surfing all around the year. Though in September, the water starting to get a little cold for a swim.

Misquamicut Beach Restaurants

Seafood is obviously the kind of food that can easily be found here. There are several restaurants that offer fresh and delicious seafood dishes that are worth checking out.

Here are some good restaurants you can stop by while visiting Misquamicut Beach:

4 Things to Know Before Your Wonderful Vacation - Photo by Misquamicut Beach from Facebook

  • Two Little Fish

Two Little Fish is one of the beachfront restaurants you can find here. It offers various delicious fresh seafood dishes to your table. You can find a great choice of food from the menu such as Grilled Maryland Crab Cake, Fresh Sea Scallop Roll, Clam Fritters, Shrimp Cocktail, and many other seafood dishes. All you need to do is have a seat on the terrace and enjoy the fresh cuisines accompanied by the Misquamicut Beach’s coastal setting.

  • Andrea Seaside Restaurant and Beach Bar

But, if you are looking for more than a restaurant to hangout with friends, Andrea Seaside Restaurant and Beach Bar could be the answer. It's a seaside restaurant plus a beach bar located close to Misquamicut Beach. Here, they serve a refreshing selection of cocktails. This bar and grill has something different to offer. For some days, there are also some live music performances by local. It is just perfect for your quality time with your friends.

Misquamicut Beach Festival

4 Things to Know Before Your Wonderful Vacation - Photo by Misquamicut Beach from Facebook

Misquamicut State Beach is best known for Misquamicut Music Festival. This music festival is held annually in May and September. The festival is popular to guests the well-known musicians like Jefferson Starship, Davy Jones, the Animals, and more.

Another event like the International Food Court in the Beer and Wine Garden and The Misquamicut Annual Aloha is also being held here. You can find more events and the upcoming of great live music held at Misquamicut State Beach for your weekend or vacation at their website. Check it out and enjoy the shows here!

Misquamicut Beach Hotels

4 Things to Know Before Your Wonderful Vacation - Photo by Pleasant View Inn from Facebook

Stay with the best view of the sea near the Misquamicut Beach. Here are some hotels to stay while you're visiting Misquamicut State Beach:

  • Pleasant View Inn

One of the most ideal options located near Misquamicut Beach is the Pleasant View Inn. They offer comfortable place to stay with the overlooking of seafront area. This modern and hotel feature several amazing amenities that will make your trip memorable. During your stay, you can enjoy amenities like an outdoor pool, a bar, and a restaurant. From the hotel, you can access the beach within a walking distance.

  • Breezeway Resort

The second option goes to Breezeway Resort. There are a variety of upscale rooms and suites that you can book here. In this resort, guests will be accommodated in the bright and airy rooms. Most importantly, in this resort, you can have a variety of fun activities in their golf course and an outdoor pool.

Those are a variety of relaxing activities you can do when you visit the Misquamicut Beach. Plan your trip and get your reservation now!


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