Montana De Oro State Park: Why You Should Come to This "Mountain of Gold" State Park!

Jan 13, 2021 10:45 PM

Photo by David Seibold on Flickr
SHARE - Welcome to Montana De Oro State Park! Rugged cliffs, secluded sandy beaches, coastal plains, streams, canyons, and hills, including 1,347 feet of Valencia Peak, feature this park.

The solitude and freedom found along the trails of the park are enjoyed by naturalists and backpackers. Mountain biking and equestrian trails also exist. Spooner's Cove, across from the campground, is the best-known beach.

The name of the park, "Mountain of Gold," comes from the golden wildflowers blooming in spring. Black-tailed deer and the black oystercatcher are included in the park's wildlife. Primitive and equestrian campsites are included in the park. Read this article to know more about Montana De Oro State Park!

Montana De Oro State Park Camping

Photo by David Seibold on Flickr 

Montana de Oro State Park also has other options for camping. There's a horse camp in Hazard Canyon, just a short distance north of the coast if you're on a horse. Montana de Oro State Park also has four camping sites for the environment.

These primitive areas are hike-in places that do not encourage campfires or dogs (but still accommodate groups of up to eight people). North of Islay Creek Campground is the first two environmental campsites, Bloody Nose Camp and Hazard Grove Camp.

The second two, Badger Flat Camp and Deer Flat Camp, are located south of Islay Creek Campground. $25 a location plus $10 for additional cars are Eco Campsites. You can self-register for the site at Islay Creek Campground if an environmental site has not been reserved, just like you would for a site at Islay Creek Campground.


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