Morrow Mountain State Park NC: A Stunning Park with A Lake and River Offering Ultimate Outdoor Recreations

Jan 13, 2021 11:50 PM

Morrow Mountain State Park - Photo by Morrow Mountain State Park from Google Maps
SHARE - You may consider a weekend day trip and you want to take a leisure driving from Charlotte, look no further than Morrow Mountain State Park. Visiting this state park means you get a complete package of outdoor fun. You can get closer to water by fishing and canoeing, exploring the park through hiking, or having fun with camping and horseback riding.

Overall, it is really worth it to add Morrow Mountain State Park to your bucket list. Do you want to know more about this park? Tripboba has compiled detailed information about Morrow Mountain State Park for you. Keep scrolling.

About Morrow Mountain State Park NC

Morrow Mountain State Park - Photo by Morrow Mountain State Park from Google Maps

Surrounded by scenic and panoramic views of the Uwharrie Mountains, Morrow Mountain State Park is a nature lover's heaven, with more than 1,000 acres of gorges, rivers, and lakes. Situated near Albemarle, North Carolina, this beautiful state park is really great for your upcoming RV adventure.

You will have many chances for outdoor recreation in unique and fabulous mountainous landscapes. From backpacking and hiking to bird watching and boating, Morrow Mountain State Park provides a large variety of outdoor adventures.

The mountain views in Morrow Mountain State Park are simply stunning and breathtaking, rising more than 900 feet. You will love to soak in the fresh mountain air while you are surrounded by amazing and unique plants. Besides, there are a variety of birds in the park and abundant native wildlife, from red snakes to choir frogs. Historian enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to see the home of the first medical doctors to settle and practice medicine in the southern piedmont region of North Carolina.

Once you've parked your camper in Morrow Mountain State Park, you can take a walk on one of the many nature trails nestled throughout the park. The 16-mile Bridle Trail is perfect for horseback riding and hiking. Meanwhile, the Hattaway Mountain Trail is a two-mile-long rocky trail where you are able to hike straight up the hill after the thick forest.


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