Navagio Beach: A Perfect Destination for Your Summer Holidays in Greece

Nov 12, 2020 12:30 PM

Navagio Beach - Photo by wikimedia commons
SHARE - Zakynthos Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. The island is home to amazing white, sandy beaches, and unique natural beauty. Located on the Ionian Sea, the island boasts a magnificent beach, Navagio Beach.

Navagio Beach is a perfect destination for the summer holidays. The wonderful breathtaking water views and limestone cliffs attract tourists from all over the world. That's also what makes the beach so popular for summer holiday hunters.

Through this page, Tripboba has listed all information you might need before exploring this pristine beach. 

Navagio Beach - Photo by wikimedia commons

The Shipwreck Beach or widely known as Navagio Beach is located on the northwest shore of Zakynthos, Greek island. The trip to Navagio Beach is quite long.

If you go there from Athens, you need a 45 minutes flight from Olympic Airways to Zakynthos Airport. Then, you will continue 5 hours car drive and a 30 minutes boat ride to the wreck.

Navagio Beach is originally known as Agios Giorgos. Later it took its name from a smuggler shipwreck that was washed onshore in 1981. The beach is home to the wreck of a ship, known as Panagiotis.

This exposed and isolated cove has attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world including sports enthusiasts. It is because Navagio Beach boasts amazing views of clear water and the limestone cliff that surrounds it.

The beach has amazing white, soft sand, marble cliffs, and crystal clear waters. Navagio Beach is indeed the most beautiful beach in the world.

Not only being famous as the best-photographed beaches in Greece, but Navagio Beach also makes it a great spot for sunbathing and swimming.

Navagio Beach - Photo by wikimedia commons

The beach attracts nature and sea enthusiasts, as it provides a variety of outdoor and water sport activities. Navagio beach has become a meeting point for sports enthusiasts.

One of the highest adrenaline activities you can do on this beach is base jumping. In its extraordinary view that attracts thousands of visitors, base jumpers will find their paradise.

To do base jumping, you have to reach the jump-off point situated on the edge of a high cliff. It overlooks the bay at 656 ft/200 m height. You can reach the jump-off point by car.

When you jump, you have about 2 to 5 seconds before deploying your parachute and land safely on the sandy beach. When free falling in this exotic spot, you will enjoy the spectacular views of Navagio Beach.

As the best spot to do base jumping, Navagio beach hosts the Summer BASE Jump Boogie event over the last few years. In this event, the best athletes in the world ever make more than 300 jumps in five days.

If you are curious and want to attend this event, the best season to visit the spot is between May and late September. But, you should check out the weather and wind conditions in the area.

Remember that the island is not completed with gear shops or rescue personnel. So, we recommend you to bring your climbing ropes.

Navagio Beach - Photo by

When it comes to accommodations, Navagio Beach has a wide variety of best hotels. One great place to stay is the Porta del Mar Beach Hotel. It takes approximately 30 minutes to drive from the beach. This small resort consists of 8 stone villas with amazing rustic style and 5 deluxe apartments.

All rooms are connected to the infinity pool and private sandy beach. The villas are traditionally decorated and facing the sea. They are equipped with large bedrooms with capacity for a maximum of 6 persons.

Once you stay here, everything you need is within a short walking distance from the resort. You can also find groceries, bakery, and tavern easily.

Another recommendation is Eden Villas. The location is so close to Navagio Beach, only within 11 minutes drive, you will reach this villa. It is also situated near Zakynthos International "Dionysios Solomos" Airport.

This villa provides an outdoor pool and views of the mountain. It's such a perfect place to relax and enjoy the fresh air. All units in Eden villa are completed with a flat-screen TV, seating area with CD player, laptop, kitchen, coffee maker, dishwasher.


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