Pace Bend Park: Must Read Guide Before Exploring the Park as a Whole

Pace Bend Park: Must Read Guide Before Exploring the Park as a Whole
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SHARE - Well known as the coolest spot to camping on the cliffs while overlooking Lake Travis, the Pace Bend Park is located in far western Travis County in the Hill Country of central Texas. 

If you want to know more about Pace Bend Park and what kind of activities you can do there, then you are landing on the right page. Keep reading this article before preparing your adventure gear!

Pace Bend Park Austin

Pace Bend State Park

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Spread over on the nine miles of shoreline along with the gorgeous Lake Travis, Pace Bend Park is considered the most popular area in the Highland Lakes region by offering any kind of fun activities.

You will be able to found limestone cliffs and numerous rocky coves with spectacular views of Lake Travis with the dramatic sunset as the background on the west side of the park. The path is already well-paved that loops the park so it is accessible by vehicle from the six-mile. 

You are only allowed to explore inside the park on foot, bicycle, or riding a horse because the park was managed as a wildlife preserve. By following the trails, you will be guided toward the hills which serve majestic view of the lake and overlooking the Hill Country. 

The park area also becomes home to white-tail deer, raccoon, fox, ringtail cat, and many birds species.

Pace Bend Park Camping

Pace Bend Park - Photo by

If you already decide to explore the park by a pitch a tent, then you will be able to choose the primitive campsites or improved campsites. 

In the primitive campsites, you will be able to enjoy picnic tables, barbecue grills, fire rings, and plenty of trees for shade to make sure that your privacy well-kept. This campsite is spread along the cliffs on the east and north sides of Pace Bend Park.

The gentle sloping shorelines with sandy and gravel beaches will make it easier for you and your kids to access the lake. If you desire, you may also pitch a tent on the beach but there are no shower facilities and the toilets are waterless.

Offering 20 improved campsites, you will be able to get water, electrical hookups, showers, and restrooms as the amenities. Located on the east side of the park above Levi Cove, this campsite offers an easy walk to the lake.

The improved campsites also have plenty of shade trees and grassy area to pitch your tent. This campsite is quickly packed with campers so, make a reservation in advance is strongly recommended for your convenience.

In the campsites, there are quiet hours strictly from 10 PM to 7 AM. The quiet hours were existed to make sure that the campers can enjoy nature in a peaceful state and hear the sound of nature. If you come to the campsites after 10 PM, you need to let the staffs know. During the quiet hours, you are not allowed to turning on the radios and generators.

Here are the camping fees that you need to prepare before enjoying the campsites facilities:

  • Primitive Camping: $15 per Site per Night
  • Improved Tent Camping: $20 per Site per Night
  • Improved RV/Travel Trailer Camping: $30 per Site per Night

Besides camping, you may enjoy boating and swimming in Pace Bend Park in the two main boat ramps located on the west side and Tatum Cove on the east side. As for the swimming, you can do it in Mudd Cove, Kate's Cove, and Gracy Cove. But because there is no lifeguard on duty, you may swim at your own risk.

Pace Bend Park Cliff Jump

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Do you know Pace Bend Park is a popular spot in Texas to do cliff jumping? Then, you need to rush your adrenaline by jumping over the cliff while in the park.

From the 45-feet cliff, you will be able to jump bravely because almost of the jumper never failed. But if you are scared of height, then you need to put more consideration before doing the cliff jumping.

After the jump, you need to climb back to the parking area and the trails are a little bit difficult, so you need to wear your sneaker or outdoor wear.

Pace Bend Park Map

Here is the Pace Bend Park map that will make you easier to explore the park and to decide where to pitch your tent or park your Camper Van.

Pace Bend Park - Photo by

Pace Bend Park - Photo by


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