Promenade Park Fort Wayne: A Great Destination with Natural Experiences in Urban Settings

Jan 16, 2021 12:00 AM

Promenade Park - Photo by Andy Kreul from Google Maps
SHARE - Visiting a city park is always exciting since you can escape from your daily routine even only for a while. Besides, you can also bring your family along. In case you are looking for a wonderful greenspace, a delightful stroll, and many outdoor activities, look no further than Promenade Park.

This park is a decent destination in downtown Fort Wayne. It has so many things to do for all age groups! Even on a cold winter day, Promenade Park is still a great place to enjoy some unique winter activities and have a walk in the fresh air.

Do you want to visit Promenade Park? Here’s a simple guide to Promenade Park made by Tripboba. Read on to know more about this amazing park.

About Promenade Park Fort Wayne

Promenade Park - Photo by Linda Gasparini from Google Maps

Promenade Park is the newest attraction in the Midwest that will bring you and the whole family into an unforgettable experience! This one-of-a-kind park combines the natural river with the fast-growing city center. Also, it is your new spot for recreation, arts, and culture.

Three rivers in Fort Wayne, St. Marys, St. Joseph, and the Maumee, are a decent source of entertainment, fun, and exploration. Go on an adventure along the water, find fun family attractions like children's canals and treetop trails, and go on a water cruise or rent a kayak!


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