Rainbow Falls State Park Washington

Rainbow Falls State Park Washington
Rainbow Falls State Park - Photo by parks.state.wa.us

Under the old-growth trees in Rainbow Fall State Park, you will be able to find a peaceful spot to clean up your mind when you think it is already difficult to wake up every cell on your body every morning.

Within the area of the park, you can find the rustic style structure built in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. If you are curious what are those buildings, head to the kitchen shelters and comfort stations which still in use today. Find it on the map below to make it easier. It's ok, you can thank us later!

There are about 3 miles of hiking trails that will lead you to the 22 miles of Willapa Hills Trail from Chehalis to Pe El that you can freely hike if you loved to getting engaged with nature by hiking or ride your horse. The hot sun can not touch your skin, since there are millions of canopy trees that will keep the environment stay mild. The breathtaking view of the waterfalls flowing beautifully on the Chehalis River will be awarding all of your effort on hiking the trail.

Besides, you can also bring your fishing rod to challenge your fishing skill or catching some freshwater fish. Swimming freely in the Chehalis River also allowed, but if you are still new to swimming, then you need to put some consideration because there is no designated swimming area and no lifeguards. Accompanied by the expert may be the best choice for your convenience.

As for the bird enthusiast, if you are lucky enough you may find some endemic will birds flying across the state park. Wildlife watching is also one of the activities that loved to do by the visitor every year. There is a softball field that you can use with your buddies or team to build strong teamwork.

Just simply packed your lunch and take a seat on one of the picnic shelters also will not make you and your kiddos getting bored in the middle of the mild nature of Rainbow Falls State Park.


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