Roaring River State Park: A Complete Guide Before Fishing the Rainbow Trout

Oct 22, 2020 04:00 PM

Roaring River State Park - Photo by mostateparks from Flickr
SHARE - The Roaring River State Park is located in the southwest Ozark hills of Cassville in Barry County, Missouri. Covering of 4,294 acres, Roaring River State Park is a public recreation area that becomes one of a kind family gateway as it offers many fun things to do.

The Roaring River State Park is the home for rainbow trout. So, you may not wonder if fishing is the most favorite thing to do by the tourists when visiting the state park.

Want to know more about this nature park? Let's check this complete guide by Tripboba!

Roaring River State Park Missouri

Roaring River State Park - Photo by mostateparks from Flickr

Surrounded by a deep and narrow valley, the Roaring River State Park has its charm that you cannot find in any other state parks. The beautiful landscape that offers and created by nature made the Roaring River State Park become one of the most popular state parks in Missouri.

If you are into photography, your camera lens will never be disappointed by its beautiful scenic setting in the state park.

The Roaring River State Park also has some historical sites worth exploring. The sites were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985 and also included in the Emergency Conservation Work Architecture in Missouri State Parks. Here the historical sites:

1. Bath House

The bathhouse was built between 1936 and 1938 as a rambling one-story building with rustic stone material. The bathhouse is the only building that survives during the lake and beach development project by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The bathhouse has a curvilinear section and a gable roof.

2. Camp Smokey

This site covers three buildings and one structure that becomes part of the CCC installation. Those are the Outdoor Fireplace, barracks No.2 (Foreman's Quarters), Barracks #3 (Hospital), and Barracks #4 (Education and Supply Building). All of the buildings were built in 1933.

3. Dam/Spillway

The foundation of the dam was originally built by William McClure in 1865 to power the McClure's Mill, but it gets destroyed in 1920. Then, in 1933 the dam was reconstructed by the CCC for an important fish hatchery complex.

4. Honeymoon Cabin

This small cabin also known as Cabin #26, is a rectangular rustic cottage with an enclosed terrace in a remote area. The cabin was built between 1933 and 1939 by the CCC with a stone foundation and has a cross-gable roof.

5. Deer Leap Trail

With approximately 3/10 of a mile length, the Deer Leap Trail is a man-made trail built between 1933 and 1939 by the CCC. It features with the Deer Leap Overlook and has rough stone steps with stone retaining walls.

6. Hotel

The hotel is a three-story building that has native stone and wood rectangular material with a full-length second-story terrace. Also known as the Lodge, this hotel was built in 1938 by the CCC.

7. Shelter Kitchen No. 2 and Rest Room

Was built in 1934 by the CCC, the building has a rustic log structure with a flagstone floor and side-gable roof. 

Roaring River State Park Cabins

Roaring River State Park - Photo by mostateparks from Flickr

Whether you want to stay in a duplex or fourplex units, you can freely choose the cabins offered by the Roaring River State Park to stay overnight. There are 26 rustic cabins which are fully equipped with a kitchen and two bedrooms. All of the cabins are located throughout the park and available from March until October. 

Besides the cabins, you can also stay at the lodging if you desire to stay in a modern motel room. It is called The Emory Melton Inn and Conference Center which is located on a hill near the entrance park.

Offering 26 spacious and comfortable guest rooms, the inn also has a swimming pool and a store where you can buy fishing equipment just in case you forget to bring them.

You may choose the rooms which make you possible to overlooking the view of the river from the above and a private balcony for each room. The inn has a WiFi connection in the lobby and the meeting rooms. For more information, room rates, and the available room, you should be landing on their official website.

Roaring River State Park Camping

Roaring River State Park - Photo by mostateparks from Flickr

Spreading throughout three campgrounds, you can choose suitable campsites based on what kind of experience you want to have or with whom you want to do camping. The basic amenities that you will get in every campground are electric and sewer and the other amenities is different for every campground.

The #1 campground is open all year round and accessible for wheelchair, shower is also ready to use. From this campground, you can also swim and there is a visitor center that you free to ask anything.

The #2 campground only available from February 25 until October 31. The amenities that you will get from this campground is wheelchair accessible, toilet, and shower.

The #3 campground also only available from February 25 until October 31 but the amenities that you will get is the same as the #1 campground.

Also, you can make a reservation 12 months in advance, so what are you waiting for? Plan your trip and getting engaged with nature!


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