Rosario Resort: A Complete Guide to Enjoy Vacation in San Juan Islands

Nov 28, 2020 07:00 PM

Rosario Resort - Photo by Angelia from Flickr
SHARE - When visiting The San Juan Islands, the best choice to stay and unwind is at Rosario Resort & Spa. This is a historic waterfront resort situated on Orcas Islands, Washington States.

Here, you can enjoy convenient accommodations, local cuisine at The Mansion Restaurant, spa service, and marina. You will also find historical sites at Maron Mansion.

Want to know more about Rosario Resort? On this page, Tripboba has provided all information about this wonderful resort. Let's dive deeper into this article before your visit!

Rosario Resort Orcas Island

Rosario Resort - Photo by Terry from Flickr

Rosario Resort & Spa is the perfect choice for your holiday destination. Located on Orcas Island, exactly on Cascade Bay, Washington State, this resort is accessible by car ferry, boat, airplane, and seaplane. The resorts offer guests dining, lodging, marina, spa, and museum. So, there is a bunch of activities you can do here.

Experience a luxury stay at Rosario Resort's guest rooms. The area is surrounded by the natural beauty of the San Juan Islands and with breathtaking views of Cascade Bay. Guests can choose rooms with different views. Rooms available vary including Bayside rooms, Harborside rooms, Hillside rooms, cliff house rooms, and roundhouse suites. For a large group stay, you can book the residences.

Moreover, the resort also provides spa facilities. The Spa features wonderful views of Cascade Bay. Facilities include a sauna, treatment rooms, weight rooms, a whirlpool, and a historic indoor therapy pool. You can try a variety of relaxation and rejuvenation treatments to refresh your body and soul. Also, take a visit to Maron Mansion that build from 1906 to 1909. The mansions boast original photographs of the late 18th century, original furnishings, and a display of ships built by Moran Brothers Company.

Do not forget to try the dining experience at The Mansion Restaurant. Located in a beautiful waterfront, this restaurant overlooks Cascade Bay.  The menus feature fresh and locally sourced cuisines by the team of Chef Richard Neal. The restaurant offers complete menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a special thanksgiving menu.


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