Rose Garden Portland: Explore the Magical Place Filled with Thousands of Colorful Roses

Nov 20, 2020 11:32 AM

Photo by Sara/sarae from Flickr.

Rose Garden Portland, or also known as Portland International Rose Test Garden, is the oldest rose test garden in the United States that is continuously running until this day. It is located in Washington Park, Portland, Oregon, and was first opened in 1917. There are over 10.000 roses of more than 650 varieties that occupied the 4.5 acres of garden.

There are eleven American Garden Rose Selections test gardens in the United States, and one of them is the Rose Garden Portland. The Rose Garden Portland itself consists of four gardens with different roses, namely the Gold Medal Garden, Royal Rosarian Garden, Shakespeare Garden, and Miniature Rose Garden. The rose bushes at Rose Garden Portland is maintained by staff and volunteers. 

Photo by Jeremy Thompson/rollercoasterphilosophy from Flickr.

In addition, the garden also has other features that visitors can visit, such as an inventory where visitors can see the names and locations for the roses at the garden. There’s also a brick walkway called The Queens Walk and an amphitheater that often used as a venue for a lot of events, such as concerts and plays. When the weather is nice, you might get the opportunity to have a picnic at the amphitheater.

If you’re interested in things related to roses, you can stop by the Rose Garden Store to buy books about roses, merchandise, and garden supplies.  While you’re exploring the park, you might also notice several art installations located at the park, like a fountain named Frank E. Beach Memorial Fountain and a bronze statue named Royal Rosarian.  


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