Sea Rim State Park Texas: Why You Should Visit This State Park

Sea Rim State Park Texas: Why You Should Visit This State Park
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SHARE - Exploring wildlife nature and animals is always interesting. Once you go to Texas, take the opportunity to visit Sea Rim State Park!

Sea Rim State Park is a great destination to have a full day trip and even stay nightly. The park offers lots of fun things to do in this remote coastal land. 

On this page, Tripboba will reveal to you all the things you should know about Sea Rim State Park before your visit. Let's get started!

Sea Rim State Park Texas

Sea Rim State Park - Photo by

Located on the Texas Gulf Coast, Sea Rim State Park is a great place to experience swamp life and habitats. This 4,141 acres of remote coastal land boasts majestic marshlands and breathtaking views of the sea and Gulf of Mexico. The park consists of sandy beach with dunes, so guests can enjoy a scenic coastal jaunt along the natural beach.

Visitors can do a lot of activities in Sea Rim State Park. You can enjoy wildlife viewing and observe the wide variety of animals in their natural habitats. Habitats are ranging from surf, beach, ponds, and dunes. Besides, you can also take a chance to see bird migration. Birds are frequently seen in both dunes and marsh.

Aside from exploring the wildlife and animals, you can also try paddling in a canoe or kayak. You can bring your canoe or rent one at the park. The park provides 1,79 miles of easy trail to 9,59 advanced trail. 

Also do not skip the opportunity for horseback riding on more than 3 miles of Gulf Coast beachfront. You can enjoy East Beach with your favorite horse. A full day trip to Sea Rim State Park will be more memorable by strolling along the Gambusia Nature Trail Boardwalk, which takes you through the marsh.

Sea Rim State Park Camping

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One of the most attractive activities you can do at Sea Rim State Park is camping. The park's campground is a great place for family camping. There are 25 campsites with complete amenities provided for every guest.

The campsites are located in the Piping Plover loop, next to the beach access. Each site has electricity and facilities you can enjoy including an outdoor grill, tent pad, water hookup, and lantern post. There is also a picnic table for guests to chillin' out while enjoying afternoon tea. To camp here, you only need to pay $20 include the entrance fee.

Besides, you can experience unusual camping by joining the Primitive Campsites. The Sea Rim State Park has 75 campsites with a capacity of 8 persons.

The area for primitive campsites takes place in the East and West Beach. You can be closer to wildlife nature and get relaxing fresh air near the beach. Primitive camping is the cheapest camping in the park. It just costs $10 for an overnight camp including the entrance fee. However, the facilities are not as complete as usual campsites. 

The park also offers Floating Primitive Camping where you will stay overnight in a 13’ x 20’ wooden floating campsite. The campsites are located in the park's march, just 2 miles from the boat ramp. The access to get them is only by boat. You can rent a canoe or kayak at the park. This campsite costs $15 nightly include the entrance fee.

Sea Rim State Park Cabin

Sea Rim State Park - Photo by

The park also provides a cabin for guests who want to experience a more comfortable stay at the park. It has a capacity for a maximum of 6 persons. The cabin is situated near the boat ramp with a wonderful view down the marsh. The cost for a cabin for a nightly stay is $95 include the entrance fee. They offer complete amenities, such as:

  • ADA accessible
  • Kitchen sink
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove with oven
  • Bathroom Sink
  • Toilet
  • Air conditioning
  • Two bunk beds (twin on top & full on bottom)
  • Picnic table outside

If you want to stay overnight at the park's cabin, make sure to check the availability on the website. You can also make a reservation through the website or by phone.

Sea Rim State Park Fishing

Sea Rim State Park - Photo by Amber from Flickr

Fishing is an interesting activity to do at the park. Likewise in the Sea Rim State Park, visitors can enjoy fishing. There are two saltwater fishing areas you can find in the West and East Camping Areas.

 Anglers do not require to have a state license to shore fish at this park, except when they plan to venture out into the marshes to fish. Once go fishing in summer or spring, you can expect to catch mackerels, kingfish, and sea trout. While if you fish at the marsh, you can catch lots of catfish and crappie.


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