Sly Park Recreational Area: An Ultimate Destination for Hiking and Camping with Splendid Vistas

Dec 01, 2020 09:30 PM

Sly Park - Photo by Kristi Sundberg from Google Maps
SHARE - California boasts amazing parks along with its own unique appeals. If you are looking for a scenic place to camp or hike, look no further than Sly Park! Those of you who love the outdoors will be left in awe as you arrive at this park.

Sly Park offers great opportunities for camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, and boating. Another lovely thing about this park is that you can smell the pinecones!

Are you ready for a wonderful vacation at Sly Park? Well, before you pack your bags, it is better to read this handy guide in advance. Be ready for jaw dropping views and awe-inspiring activities. Read on to find how you can enjoy and experience this fabulous oasis to the finest!

About Sly Park Recreational Area

Sly Park - Photo by Bharath Narasingu from Google Maps

Sly Park is situated near Placerville, CA, in the Eldorado National Forest’s heart. The lake itself is an ultimate destination for water skiing, swimming, boating, fishing, and various rowing activities.

If you want to explore the park, there are more than nine miles of wonderful trails that run through forests and meadows. A system of walking trails follows around the lake, providing gorgeous views from every angle. Watch for wildlife along the way since Sly Park is home to over 150 different bird species!

Once you are ready to take a break, stop by and rest in one of several daytime use areas spread over the park. These rest areas are completed with toilets tables and clean drinking water. Surely, they are perfect for a picnic lunch or cooking!


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