Soca Valley: Visit The Most Beautiful Travel Destination in Slovenia

Oct 26, 2020 11:58 PM

Soca Valley - Photo by Show In My Eyes from Flickr
SHARE - The Soca Valley is ready for your travel destination! For those who prefer an outdoor activity, the Soca Valley is a must visited place in Slovenia. 

Enjoy the beautiful world of the mountains and breathtaking views from the Julian Alps all the way to the Adriatic Sea. 

Want to know more about what's in Soca Valley? You come to the right page. Tripboba will share with you some information you might need before you visit Soca Valley. Keep scrolling!

Soca Valley Slovenia

Soca Valley - Photo by Show In My Eyes from Flickr 

If you love outdoor activities and fans of adrenaline, visit Soca Valley, and you will not become bored. Soca Valley is located in a 138-kilometer (86 mi) long river that flows through western Slovenia.

Go on fantastic water adventures, kayaking, and rafting on the River Soca, explore the beauty of canyons and fascinating pools. Suppose you love the natural atmosphere and to go on foot. In that case, you should enjoy the big world of the mountains and panoramic view of the Julian Alps all the way to the Adriatic Sea. 

Wake up your inner adventurer, find the pearls of nature and the Isonzo Front's legacy, and head to the checked marsh climbing trails. Cyclists are getting increasingly more beautiful with incredible nature and cycling possibilities. They can pick between routes with different degrees of trouble. 

Fans of adrenaline are surely not going to get exhausted in the Soča Valley. Fly with a paraglider, gather the courage to jump from a plane with a parachute, ride the longest zipline in this piece of Europe, or raise your heartbeat in one of the many experience parks. 

You may pick the correct active experience for you during all periods of the year. Ski at the worldwide ski resort Kanin – Sella Nevea, enjoy a guided visit through the mountains, organized sledding, or ski visiting and ice ascending if you know that. Every year you may go to different events, among which the Soča Outdoor Festival, Bovec Marathon, and Hiking Festival of the Soča Valley stand apart the most.

Soca River Valley 

Soca Valley- Photo by mmdurango from Flickr

Soca River Valley was once the site of WWII's bloodiest battlefields. Around 1,7 million soldiers died or well known as Isonzo Front. But, if you see the beauty of the Soca Valley, it's hard to believe that Slovenia's Soca Valley was the backdrop for war. 

Soca River Valley is also called emerald beauty, and it is a popular destination for sports enthusiasts. There are blue sea stream rapids, and thick emerald woodland and untouched nature joined with significant social heritage make the Soca River Valley, one of the must-finds in Slovenian locals.

Soca Valley Canyoning

Soca Valley - Photo by Iñaki MT from Flickr 

Refresh yourself in the mysterious world of the wild canyon, beautiful waterfalls, and crystal clear pools. If you visit with the family, canyoning is the right adventure for you. Standard slides, jumping and plunging on cascades with ropes, exploring the remote alpine world of the Soča Valley will practice your body and fill your soul. A water adventure and life-changing experience for adrenaline lovers, which you should possibly go to when joined by a prepared guide. 

Sports Agencies in the Soča Valley organize canyoning on, as follows:

  • the Sušec stream,
  • the Fratarica stream,
  • the Predelica stream,
  • the Globoški Potok stream and
  • The Pršjak stream.

Sports agencies, which organize canyoning, will provide the required equipment, a professionally trained guide, and transportation to the canyon and back to the starting point.

Canyoning on the Sušec

Located in the Sušec, it's about 7 km out from Bovec towards Kobarid. It includes the ascent to the canyon entry point. The trip takes around 2-3 hours. You will be accompanied by qualified guides, adrenaline seekers jump off waterfalls several meters high, slide down the natural water slides and swim in the refreshing waters of the lively Sušec stream. 

Canyoning on the Fratarica

Located 12 km out of Boves, in the direct vicinity of Log pod Mangartom. Canyoning on the Fratarica is one of the most panoramic canyons in Triglav National Park. At the foot of the majestic Loška Stena, sports organizations organize canyoning that includes the rope strategy and sees members descent cascades a few dozen meters high. They have the famous Parabola cascade.

Canyoning on the Predelica 

This includes rope descents down a waterfall a few dozen meters high that fall into delightful green and emerald pools. Joined by a certified guide, the brave traveler makes their way along this wild canyon in the Triglav National Park. The canyoning closes at the Mangartski Potok stream. 


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