South Lakes Zoo: A Handy Guide to This Amazing Safari Zoo in England

South Lakes Zoo: A Handy Guide to This Amazing Safari Zoo in England
South Lakes Zoo - Photo from
SHARE - South Lakes Zoo is a safari zoo that is located in Cumbria, England. This amazing safari park covers a total of 51-acres wide land and is located at Melton Terrace, Lindal in Furness, Ulverston LA12 0LU, United Kingdom.

More than 1,000 animals live at this zoo, including notable animals such as Katoumi, Joey, Bonita, Tasa, Malu, and many more. South Lakes Zoo allows you to be as close as possible to the animals, including kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and more.

If you love animals so much and wish to get close to them, this zoo can be the best place. Come and visit South Lakes Zoo in England and experience the best safari zoo that you ever have in life!

Do you need more information about South Lakes Zoo? Worry not, you will be showered with the key information about South Lakes Zoo that you need to know before visiting this amazing zoo safari in England, including:

South Lakes Safari Zoo

Animal Feedings at South Lakes Zoo - Photo from

South Lakes Zoo provides visitors with a first-class experience with the animals. There are so many great activities that you can do around the area of the South Lakes Zoo.

Animal feeding is the most popular activity to do at the South Lakes Zoo. You will be able to experience your favorite animals from a close distance by joining this zoo activity.

You can choose animal feeding experience that you wish to have, such as Mini Big Cat Experience, Giraffe Experience, Artic Wolf Experience and Feed, Red Panda Experience, and many more.

The animal feeding tickets can be purchased online through the South Lakes Zoo official website. It will cost ranges from USD 65 to USD 194.

Another fun and amazing experience that you can get at this safari park in England include the Conservation activity, Animal Adoptions, Zookeeper For A Day, as well as enjoyable Parties at the Zoo. If you want to experience the activities around the area of the South Lakes Zoo in England, you can check out their official website for more information about it. 

Besides the amazing experience that is offered at the South Lakes Zoo, you can also have wonderful food and drink at the Savanna's Take Away spot. There is also a huge playground available around the area of the dining area at the South Lakes Zoo.

The kiosk will be serving ice creams, cold drinks, hot dogs, and many other delicious snacks during the peak season at South Lakes Zoo. But, please note that food and drink are not allowed to be brought to the zoo. If you want to enjoy the food and drink, you can exit to the car park and have an amazing time to picnic with your loved one there.

South Lakes Zoo Closing

South Lakes Zoo opens for public visit from August at 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, September at 10:00  AM to 5:00 PM, October at 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, November at 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM, and also December at 10:30 AM t0 4:00 PM.

We strongly recommend you to plan your trip to this amazing zoo in England carefully, so you will have an unforgettable safari trip around the area of England.

All places at the South Lakes Zoo are wheelchair accessible. If you have any concern or you need some help, please ask the staff member that will gladly help you on your visit to South Lakes Zoo. The facilities for wheelchair or the mobility scooter hire does not available around the area of the park.

Smoking (including E-Cigarettes) are prohibited at the South Lakes Zoo. No dogs are allowed in the park. Parking is free around the area of the South Lakes Zoo and the Coach parking is available for group bookings. 

South Lakes Zoo Prices

South Lakes Zoo - Photo from

If you want to visit and experience this amazing safari zoo in England, you need to pay the admission fee. For children from 3 to 5 years old, you need to pay around USD 18.28.

Meanwhile, for adults, the admission fee will cost around USD 24.82. Children under 3 years old are free of charge. If you do the online purchasing ahead of time before your arrival, you will be able to get a 20% discount on the admission fee. So, do not miss your chance to get the best price for this amazing zoo in England.

That is all the key information that you need to know about South Lakes Zoo. If you need a different and brand new destination for the next holiday season in England, South Lakes Zoo might be a great place for you. Visit and join the enjoyable safari animal trip with your loved one only at South Lakes Zoo. Plan your trip carefully with our useful travel tips all around the world. Happy holiday planning!


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