Spring Mill State Park: Jaw-Dropping State Park in Indiana!

Nov 19, 2020 11:07 PM

Photo by Arthur Oleary on Flickr

Tripboba.com - Spring Mill State Park offers a compelling illustration of the connection between the natural and cultural worlds. In the early 1800s, the water running from several cave springs contributed to the establishment of an agricultural town. Using it to fuel several gristmills, a wool mill, a sawmill, and a distillery, early pioneers took advantage of a steady water supply that never froze.

The terrain around the settlement, clearing land for farmland and forest, was shaped by pioneer settlers in turn. Are you planning to visit Spring Mill State Park? Keep reading the guide below to get more information about this place. Let's get started!

Spring Mill State Park Inn

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Beautiful Spring Mill State Park, as featured in Midwest Journal, abounds with countless outdoor opportunities. Entertainment, cave guides, climbing, mountain biking, and swimming are waiting for you. The historic 73-room Inn invites you to rest in luxury with its comfortable and cozy country decor. Enjoy the indoor/outdoor spa, the tasty cuisine of the dining room, and the theme of the State Park Service!

Package includes:

  • Overnight accommodations.
  • Dinner and breakfast for two.
  • A bottle of wine or sparkling juice.
  • Souvenir glasses.

Pricing: Weekday: $194.07

Weekend: $205.27

Excludes holiday weekends. Not valid for groups.

Spring Mill State Park Camping

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Spring Mill provides year-round camping, including primitive, electric, and youth tent sites, at more than 200 campsites. The campground has playgrounds, new toilet facilities, a camp shop, and access to the lake. Prices differ on the basis of location type and time of year. This is an ideal means of discovering nature and hiking the nearby trails. 

In one place, explore the historic grist mill, many caves, and a tribute to Virgil "Gus" Grissom. In the early 1800s, water running from several cave springs contributed to a small commercial center. In this park, the spirit of these founders lives on. See the fully rebuilt Pioneer Town, a group of 20 buildings replicating the settlement of 1814. The crown jewel is the three-story grist mill, complete with a waterwheel and running water. 

Discover many caves and how the geology of the region deals with them. In colder months, book a seat on the Twin Caves Boat Tour. The tour will take you about 500 feet through two waterside caves. It is an experience that is completely special. Trails, a campground, nature parks, a swimming pool, and more fill the park. Throughout the more than 1,000 acres of woodland, karst, and wetlands, explorers can canoe, sail, hunt, walk and ride.

Spring Mill State Park Cabins

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At Pioneer Village, walk through history. Founded in 1817 and still operating, the centerpiece of the village is the Grist Mill. The village has more than 20 log cabins that date back to the early 1800s, in addition to the operating mill. Interpreters display the "daily tasks" of the period, such as candle dipping, planting, and weaving, along the way. 

When visiting Spring Mill, consider staying in a nearby inn. Spring Mill Inn, partly made from Indiana limestone and opened in 1939, offers 74 guest rooms in lodge-style and three large conference rooms suitable for special occasions or meetings. An indoor and outdoor heated pool, a full-service dining area, a gaming room, a gift shop, and free wireless access are other facilities.

Spring Mill State Park Cave

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Looking for something that's decidedly not in space? Find out the cave tours at Spring Mill State Park. For a 20-minute view beneath the park, you ride in a boat pulled by park guides. Spring Mill is known for its lakes, caves, and sinkholes underground. Blind crayfish, bats, and Northern blind cavefish, an endangered species, are likely to be found along the way. 

The tour is available from the weekend of Memorial Day until October, from 9 a.m. However, heavy rains will trigger cancellations by 5 p.m. The cave tour is $3, and it is not permitted for children under 3. Bronson, Twin, Donaldson, Hamer, and other caves can be found in Spring Mill State Park. Taking the Twin Caves underwater boat tour. The two caves are connected to the bottom of a limestone sinkhole by a small flow. Cave shapes and marine species are called out by guides. Prepare your visit to Spring Mill State Park now!


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