Staying at Treebones Resort: Experience the Eco-Friendly Vibe Through This Guide

Oct 22, 2020 06:00 PM

Treebones Resort - Photo by
SHARE - Having a strong commitment to leaving no trace on earth, the Treebones Resort will always give you warm and hearty hospitality to help you enjoy the sound of the wave from the pacific ocean in a way that will keep the earth "healthy".

Why is it "healthy"? Read the following information to get your answer!

Treebones Resort Big Sur

Treebones Resort - Photo by

Located in the forested hills of Big Sur, California, Treebones Resort is considered as one of the World's Most Stunning Eco-Friendly Accommodations. Surely, it is not happening without any reason.

As it is set in a rugged and mountainous section of the central coast of California, the Treebones Resort always keeping its promise to preserve nature with love and care. It can be felt by how they generate electrical from their clean-burning microturbines. 

With 16 signature yurts, campsites, and "human nest", the Treebones Resort also such a paradise for art enthusiasts. The "human nest" is the artwork made by the local artist, Jayson Fann. It is a spherical dwelling woven from tree branches.

Once you stay at the Treebones Resort, you will have free access to the resort's pool, hot tub, and restaurant. Fun fact, the meals that served in the restaurant were planted and grown by the Treebones Resort in an organic farm and house to preserve the ecosystem and of course for the guests' healthiness.

There is a main lodge that becomes the heart of the resort. Before staying overnight you need to do check-in in this main lodge. Besides, you can also find the Wild Coast Restaurant, convenience store, Sushi Bar, men's and women's showers, heated pool, and hot tub.

The Treebones Resort put their commitment to creating as light a footprint on the earth as possible by taking the real steps. What are those steps? Here is the list:

  1. They recycle all cans, bottles, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and batteries
  2. They use recycled and compostable components wherever possible. Even the coffee stir sticks are pasta noodles to save on trees.
  3. All of the kitchen scraps from the restaurant are fed to their 20 chickens or composted at their organic garden where they have an extensive vermiculture/ compost program. 
  4. They grow most of their vegetables on-site in their organic garden and supplement by buying additional products from the neighbors and other locally sourced high-quality purveyors.
  5. They are completely off the grid. For the electrical needs, they operate clean-burning micro turbines developed in California. They are like small jet engines with 650-degree heat exhaust. They recycle that heat through an exchanger to supply hot water for radiant heated floors, to heat the pool and spa, and for hot water use in the kitchen and restrooms.
  6. The exterior site lighting is low voltage and downcast so that we can all enjoy the beautiful star-filled night skies because the unwanted light can be considered pollution.
  7. They supplement their micro turbines with a 6 KW self-contained solar power system.
  8. They use high-efficiency pumps, LED or CFL lighting throughout the site, and the use of skylights in all of our buildings to reduce the electrical demand.
  9. They recycle steel left over from the oil drilling industry for all of their handrails and other decorative/useful steel creations. These are fabricated on-site at their own Treebones Forge.
  10. When they remodel or no longer need an appliance, fixture, or building materials they donate them to Habitat for Humanity or put it into the hands of the neighbors.
  11. Their onsite transportation uses a fleet of five zero-emission electric vehicles which are also quite running. Again, unwanted noise can be considered pollution.
  12. The Retail store boasts merchandise made in America or by American crafters or Certified Fair Trade
  13. The employees are live onsite which further reduces greenhouse emission since their commute to work is short and on foot.

Treebones Resort Yurt

Treebones Resort - Photo by

Besides the eco-friendly concept that they pledge, one thing that made guests coming every year-round to Treebones Resort is its yurts. Yurts are like a tent but it has structures with wood and fabric to cover the structures. So, it is more like a tent in the fanciest shape, because you can set a bed and set the floors made from high-quality wood.

The yurts that offer by the Treebones Resort have plush queen-sized beds with linens, a heat source, electric lighting, and hot and cold sink vanity. If you happen to get the "full ocean full view yurts" you will have king-sized beds. There is also a small table and seat of chairs. The shower and restroom are available in the area and it is just some walks away.


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