Delamere Forest: All the Things You Cannot Ignore!

Delamere Forest: All the Things You Cannot Ignore!
Delamere Forest - Photo by Terry Kearney from Flickr
SHARE - Britain and its forests have really a good connection. The forests are growing together with Britain since the ancient time to keep all the life. One of these forests is Delamere Forest.

Delamere Forest Cheshire UK 

Delamere Forest - Photo by Alex Liivet from Flickr

For you who ask where Delamere Forest is, you can enjoy the magical state of Delamere Forest in Chesire, specifically in Delamere village, in the south of Manchester, England, The United Kingdom.

Delamere Forest with an estimated area of 972 hectares (2,400 acres), becomes the largest forest in Chesire. In ancient times, Delamere Forest was a part of the great Forests of Mara and Mondrem which had an area of over 16000 hectares (39537 acres) of this part of Cheshire.

The kind of trees that you might found when you enter this forest are some old trees and evergreen trees. Delamere Forest is a forest that feels very friendly to the visitors, due to the less threat of wildlife and good management.

All of the credits go to Foresty England, who has made this forest to be a comfortable place for visitors. As a remain of Mara and Mondrem forest, Delamere Forest has a large area that can be used for visitors to be explored. Some good trails are available for the people who have a desire to feel the sensation of friendly forests and use it to refresh themselves from the city crowd.

Opening hours

  • Summer: 8:00am to 8:00pm.

  • Winter: 8:00am to 5:00pm.

  • Times change on Monday after the clocks change.

Delamere Forest Trails

Delamere Forest - Photo by Donald Judge from Flickr

Three trails can be used for walking, and two trails for cycling, :

Blakemere Trail

On this trail, you will see a lot of mature trees cover along the trail, so you do not have to worry about feeling hot when the sun is out.

      Linmere Trail

      Linmere Trail is the shortest trail at Delamere Forest. But, this trail will take you to some points that have some nicest scenery.

          Old Pale trail

          When you think to find a harder challenge, the Old Pale trail is the right choice. The challenging part of this trail is its uphill trail consists of a gravel path and a specially crafted stone path to Old Pale Hill.

            Delamere Forest Activities

            Delamere Forest - Photo by Andrew from Flickr

            Using the trails, visitors can enjoy their fun activities. Some of those are:


            Nothing is healthier than burn your calories by running on the 5 km trails, surrounded by a lot of trees that are considered as a perfect place to provide fresh air for your lungs and a beautiful view for your eyes while you are running.


            Walking through the Blakemere, Linmere, and Old Pale Trail at Delamere Forest surely can decrease your level of stress. Trails that you will pass when you are walking is build with dry stones to keep you from slipping. Walking is a good choice for you who wants to enjoy a more stunning view of Delamere Forest.   

            Cycling and Mountain Biking

            If you want to use your bicycle or mountain bike to see the beauty of Delamere Forest, there some special trails for you. For cyclers, you can use 2 trails, which are available in the forest, and for mountain bikers, there are no special trails. you can spend your time find your own route, as long as it is passable.


            The trails are not only for humans and pets. The horse also can participate with you to feel the warm atmosphere of Delamere Forest. But, there are some rules that you should obey if you want to ride your horse.


            The freshness of Delamere Forest will not be disrupted by the segway, which uses the eco-friendly machine as its drive. Do not worry if you are a beginner, there is also training and practice to use the segway properly.

            Tree Top Adventure

            Your children or maybe you will fall in love with having some fun activity on high ropes, such as wobbly bridges, intricate crossings, and zip wire finale.

            Gruffalo Orienteering

            Do you want to play finding 12 hiding Gruffalo in the forest by following the map? Come to Delamere Forest and try it with your family.

            To get more information about Go Ape, you can check their website at


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