Top 5 Birmingham Parks and Other Stunning Attractions You Should Visit in the “Magic City”

Top 5 Birmingham Parks and Other Stunning Attractions You Should Visit in the “Magic City”
Birmingham Park - Photo by Kimberly W from Google Maps
SHARE - Birmingham, Alabama, also popular as the “Magic City", is one of the most creative and affordable places in the country. There is literally something here for everyone. Birmingham is the biggest city in Alabama, so it's no surprise that there are so many interesting things to do here. If you have ever wanted to visit Birmingham, now it is the perfect time!

Birmingham boasts stunning parks to scenic gardens. They are the perfect destinations to take a stroll, enjoy tranquility, and breathe in the crisp, fresh air. When you are in Birmingham, you are in a happy place! This city has so many outdoor paradises. Here are a few of many stunning Birmingham parks you could visit.

1. Railroad Park Birmingham and Rotary Trail

1. Railroad Park Birmingham and Rotary Trail
Birmingham Park - Photo by Ami Measel from Google Maps

There's no better place to find yourself on a sunny Saturday than the Railroad Park and Rotary Trail. This Birmingham park serves as a Central Park that offers interesting urban green spaces that stretch far.

Also, it serves to connect communities via open spaces, walkways, freshwater sources, and communal squares. Besides, those all are in close proximity to the Good People Brewery, Square, and other famous destinations for tourists and locals alike.

Rent a Zyp bike, pull out a picnic blanket, join a yoga or cooking class in the park, take the kids to the movies or concerts, or take the dog out for a free jog. The Railroad Park facilities are unmatched, and it is the ideal springtime experience.

2. Red Mountain Park Birmingham

Birmingham Park - Photo by Red Mountain Park from Google Maps

Red Mountain Park spans more than 15 miles of trails, including the Smythe or Ike Maston trails, which are two of the most difficult trails in this Birmingham park.

The Smythe Trail is 0.53 miles long. However, it covers major elevation changes of up to 180 feet, and the Ike Maston is the longest trail in the park, passing through the heart of the mountain, climbing, and descending hills. Also, it provides a technically challenging route for both hikers and runners.

If you are seeking an easier route, BMRR South will be a perfect choice for you. It is an old railroad track at this Birmingham park, making it flat with minimal inclination changes.

This trail covers 2.13 miles from Hoist House to Mine #14. Other outstanding facilities at this Birmingham park include three treehouses overlooking the houses named Rushing Rendezvous, Riley's Roost and Haskell Hideaway.

3. Vulcan Park Birmingham

3. Vulcan Park Birmingham
Birmingham Park - Photo by Vulcan Park and Museum from Google Maps

Guarded by Steel City's favorite iron man, this Birmingham park is one of the best places not only to see the city, but also to learn about the history that took Birmingham to fruition. The Vulcan Trail, located just outside the museum's north side, is part of the Red Rock Valley trail system. It is easy enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Explore the museum to discover Birmingham's full history and local goods store, The Anvil, which sells beautiful memorabilia and locally made souvenirs. Recently, the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham, expanded the park by adding Kiwanis Centennial Park, a $5.8 million expansion. It offers free parking and 2 miles of trails for hiking, jogging, and biking.

4. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Birmingham Park - Photo by Birmingham Botanical Gardens from Google Maps

If a walk in the sprawling rose gardens, greenhouses, and Japanese gardens speeds you up, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is your place! Open 365 days a year, Alabama's biggest living museum is also the only public horticultural library in the United States. This beautiful garden offers free Wi-Fi, public computers, and free admission.

In addition, the Gardens rank as the fifth highest native plant collection in the United States. After getting lost in the Asian Glade, the Ireland Old-Fashioned Rose Garden, or Crape Myrtle Garden, enjoy a meal at the café. Besides, you can visit the pretty shops on the property, or browse the public library housed in the park. The beauty of Birmingham Botanical Gardens never disappoints!

5. Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

5. Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark
Birmingham Park - Photo by Kelly Nall from Google Maps

The Sloss Furnace is a National Historic Site that produced iron for about 90 years. Also, it was the catalyst for the seemingly magical overnight growth of this Magic City.

Furnace pipes, towering chimneys, and a network of rusty industrial infrastructure give visitors a glimpse of what used to be while appreciating the hard work of those who structured this city. The furnaces boast many educational classes, including guided tours and cast-iron classes where participants are able to make their own cast iron artwork.

The highly anticipated Sloss Music and Arts Festival, or “SlossFest,” takes thousands of music lovers from all over to see the furnace while taking in live music. Also, it is really exciting to explore the lineup of local artists selling everything from handcrafted posters to henna tattoos.

That’s all about the top 5 Birmingham parks and other attractions you should visit. Which one of those places that you will visit first?


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