1. Railroad Park Birmingham and Rotary Trail

Jan 12, 2021 09:30 PM

Birmingham Park - Photo by Ami Measel from Google Maps

There's no better place to find yourself on a sunny Saturday than the Railroad Park and Rotary Trail. This Birmingham park serves as a Central Park that offers interesting urban green spaces that stretch far.

Also, it serves to connect communities via open spaces, walkways, freshwater sources, and communal squares. Besides, those all are in close proximity to the Good People Brewery, Square, and other famous destinations for tourists and locals alike.

Rent a Zyp bike, pull out a picnic blanket, join a yoga or cooking class in the park, take the kids to the movies or concerts, or take the dog out for a free jog. The Railroad Park facilities are unmatched, and it is the ideal springtime experience.

2. Red Mountain Park Birmingham

Birmingham Park - Photo by Red Mountain Park from Google Maps

Red Mountain Park spans more than 15 miles of trails, including the Smythe or Ike Maston trails, which are two of the most difficult trails in this Birmingham park.

The Smythe Trail is 0.53 miles long. However, it covers major elevation changes of up to 180 feet, and the Ike Maston is the longest trail in the park, passing through the heart of the mountain, climbing, and descending hills. Also, it provides a technically challenging route for both hikers and runners.

If you are seeking an easier route, BMRR South will be a perfect choice for you. It is an old railroad track at this Birmingham park, making it flat with minimal inclination changes.

This trail covers 2.13 miles from Hoist House to Mine #14. Other outstanding facilities at this Birmingham park include three treehouses overlooking the houses named Rushing Rendezvous, Riley's Roost and Haskell Hideaway.


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