Visit Assiniboine Zoo and Meet the Precious Animals of Winnipeg Through This Guide!

Jan 14, 2021 12:15 PM

Visit Assiniboine Zoo - Photo by Assiniboine Park & Zoo from Facebook
SHARE - Looking for the best holiday vacation this weekend? How about planning a holiday at Assiniboine Zoo? This beautiful zoo is located on the side of the Assiniboine River. Offering the great nature to explore, Assiniboine Zoo is now home to a number of animals that represent rare and exotic species. More than a zoo, they have a lot of exciting things to discover within the area.

You can expect abundant activities to do and amenities available to enjoy during your visit. In the zoo, you can have the best interaction with precious animals. This zoo is popular for winter activities. You can enjoy your day skating on the Riley Family Duck Pond or sliding down the Toboggan Hill. You will also love to try cross-country skiing. There's always find something to enjoy as well as activities to do in all seasons.

Explore this article to first know fun things to do in the zoo. Tripboba will help you to explore and collect all the information you need before your visit to the zoo. Let's get started!

Assiniboine Zoo Map

Once you arrive at the Assiniboine Zoo, they will serve you with a lot of fun things to do. To keep you on track while exploring the zoo, you can check on the map below to get better tracking of the zoo as well as the park.

Visit Assiniboine Zoo - Photo by


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