Jan 14, 2021 12:15 PM

Visit Assiniboine Zoo - Photo by Assiniboine Park & Zoo from Facebook

What's in Assiniboine Zoo Winnipeg?

1. Assiniboine Zoo Polar Bear

Visit Assiniboine Zoo - Photo by Assiniboine Park & Zoo from Facebook

Assiniboine Zoo is focusing on the conservation of the animal's resides. One of the most popular rare animals you can find here is the polar bear. The polar bear is known to be originated from the Arctic region which is now being home to over 20,000–25,000 polar bears. At the zoo, you can get a closer look at this precious animal. Take a tour of our at the zoo and learn all about this amazing animal.

2. Assiniboine Zoo Gift Shops

Visit Assiniboine Zoo - Photo by Assiniboine Park & Zoo from Facebook

Complete your visit at Assiniboine Zoo by buying some gifts from their gift shops. There are two gift shops situated in this zoo. They are Wild Things Unique Gifts and Arctic Treasures. These gift shops offer a variety of animal-inspired items ranging from clothing to some beautiful original arts.

Here's the guide for you:

Wild Things Unique Gifts can be conventionally found at the Zoo entrance. They offer a variety of zoo related merchandise like art, clothing. and collectible things. Fashion accessories, jewelry, seasonal home decors are also available here. While, for the Arctic Treasures Gift Shop, you can find this shop by heading to the North end of the zoo.

They have a great selection of a mix of traditional and truly unique gift items and a one-of-a-kind Arctic-themed shopping at their store. You can find a number of unique clothing, crafts, books, and many more here. But, not that this shop is open seasonally.


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