Gas Works Park Seattle

Gas Works Park Seattle
Gas Works Park - Photo by

Firstly opened as a public park in 1975, the Gas Works Park was bordered by Northlake Avenue at north and neighbor with the Lake Union at the east and south. In detail, the park was divided into seven areas, there are Picnic Lawn and Shelter, Prow, South Lawn, Play Barn, Earth Mound, North Lawn, and Towers.

This unique park in the city of Seattle is always packed with tourist who wants to have a leisure time to mesmerizing the view of the Lake Union and at the same time want to know more about one of the industrial archeology which makes Seattle become a city where one of the nation's most advance pieces of urban landscape design took place. 

Through the design of the park, you will be able to feel the dramatic and historic vibes with the lake breeze which leads you falling more deep into feeling.

The most notable area of the Gas Works Park is Great Earth Mound which mostly used as a community gathering for the locals, flying kite, or just simply for strolling. The Downton of Seattle made this public park more intriguing for photography enthusiasts, so, you need to catch the beauty of the city skyline right from the spot you are standing in the park.

Surely, you need to enjoy your leisure time with your kids by doing a picnic on its picnic shelter which made of the reconstructed from the boiler house. Magically, the former exhauster-compressor building was also transformed into an open-air play barn that would be perfect for your kiddos to running in the middle of the maze of machinery.

If you want to make sure to secure a picnic shelter in the Gas Works Park, you may make a reservation in advance through their official website.


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