Visit Glencoe Beach: A Seasonal Beach and Wonderful Destination for All Ages to Enjoy the Day

Jan 20, 2021 09:30 PM

Glencoe Beach - Photo by Saqib Omar from Google Maps
SHARE - We all know that visiting a beach is the ultimate relaxation. The sound of the sea can have a calming effect, while the sights are the perfect prescription for relaxation. Visiting Glencoe Beach is no different.

This North Shore beach operates seasonally, offering lots of opportunities to relax and have fun. This beach also features chair/boat rentals, picnic areas, and concessions.

Do you want to know more about Glencoe Beach? Read on this guide to know more about it. Let’s have a check!

An Overview of Glencoe Beach IL

Glencoe Beach - Photo by Daniel Fogel from Google Maps

Situated only 24 miles north of Chicago's Loop, Glencoe Village is bordered by Lake Michigan, Cook County Forest Reserve, and Glencoe Golf Course. At this village, you will meet a beautiful beach called Glencoe Beach.

This beach is set on the stunning north shore of Lake Michigan in Glencoe. It will be really delightful to bring your family here since Glencoe Beach is a very family-friendly destination to visit for the day.
During the off season, visitors are able to enjoy Glencoe Beach from sunrise to sunset without seasonal admission tickets. This beach is open for jogging, walking, and cycling as long as park users follow the social distancing requirements.

Meanwhile, during beach season, Glencoe Beach is perfect for group and family outings, group summer camps, or work picnics! Lifeguards are on duty every day during operational hours between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

This beach has many features as follows:

  • Shade trellis and sun protection for picnics and parties
  • Umbrella and sand chairs rentals
  • Kayak, paddleboard, and sailboat rentals
  • Volleyball courts along with complimentary volleyball rentals
  • Paul and Ada Safran Sprayground for kids
  • A concession stand along with lakeside dining choices
  •  Free Beach Cart Service (Weekdays, 10.00 AM - 05.00 pm; Weekends, Closed 10.00 AM)

Glencoe Beach is also home to paddle board yoga, sailing lessons, volleyball tournaments, and kayaking excursions. The trellis is an amazing setting for rehearsal dinners cocktail parties and small gatherings for groups of up to 75 guests.


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