Visit Harrington Beach State Park for Soothing Destination

Nov 30, 2020 10:52 PM

Harrington Beach State Park - Photo by Seth Anderson from Flickr
SHARE - Be ready to take off with Wisconsin as your destination, because you will find something soothing there. Inside this article, Tripboba will tell you a place for you, nature lover, who think your life needs some green spacious area and a scenic shore lake to re-charge yourself. So, welcome to Harrington Beach State Park.   

Harrington Beach State Park WI

Harrington Beach State Park - Photo by turn off your computer and go outside from Flickr

Harrington Beach State Park is a state park that is located in Wisconsin, Belgium, not a country, but just a small town in Ozaukee County, United States. As a part of Wisconsin State parks, Harrington Beach State Park has a 715-acre (289 ha) area that most of the area covers around the shore of Lake Michigan.

Some of the natural things that you might find in Harrington Beach State Park are very wonderful. Some of them are hardwood swamp surrounding by a lot of white cedar, field grasslands that exist for hundreds of years ago, a view of mesmerizing limestone quarry lake, and some wetland ponds that have been restored.

In this park, you can enjoy not only its gorgeous view, but also camping, hiking, fishing, and bird watching. There is also a good activity that fits perfectly for you or your family if they are interested in the stars, which is learning and practice all about astronomy in the observatory of Harrington Beach State Park.

Harrington Beach State Park Weather

The weather at Harrington Beach State Park doesn’t get too hot in summer, with highs on the 26 degrees Celcius in June. On the other hand, winter reaches its peak at -11 degrees Celcius in January, and the park gets between 5-8 days of rainfall in a month.


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