Visit Humbug Mountain State Park to Discover the Beautiful Nature of Oregon Coast

Visit Humbug Mountain State Park to Discover the Beautiful Nature of Oregon Coast
Visit Humbug Mountain State Park - Photo by Robert Ashworth from Flickr
SHARE - Visit and explore Humbug Mountain State Park to get the best vacation in beautiful Oregon's natural setting. This beautiful state park is blessed for the coast’s highest headlands and also the peaceful campground located along Brush Creek. The park is a part of the Oregon coast. Offering the best park amenities, this park is perfect for a retreat for any nature enthusiasts.

Humbug Mountain State Park is truly a paradise for any nature enthusiasts. From hikers, campers to cyclists, this park will grant your bucket list on the beautiful Oregon coast. Along with the beautiful natural setting, this park is also a home for a variety of mammals and birds. Deer, squirrels, chipmunks, and elks are here to see. In the remote area, there are also a bear and mountain lion living or just passing by.

Want to know more about the Humbug Mountain State Park? Here is everything you should know about the park provided by Tripboba. Note the important info to make your best vacation plan. Let's start now!

Travel Tips to Humbug Mountain State Park Oregon

During your visit to Humbug Mountain State Park, you will be served with an abundance of outdoor activities. This beautiful park is located on the base of the great 1,756-feet Humbug Mountain, one of the tallest mountains in Oregon. This park is truly a must-visit destination for nature lovers.

The park covers an expansive area of scenic forests filling up with diverse plant life. Campers, especially RVs, will love the park's campground. Its location is convenient as it has easy access between Gold Beach and Port Orford.

Visit Humbug Mountain State Park - Photo by Don Henise from Flickr

If you'd love to fish, you can head to the mountain's foothill. It's also great to have a stroll around the area as it's surrounded by a great view of the wildlife. Take your time strolling on the short path that leads from the campground to the park's sandy beach.

Some trails are available through bigleaf maples and Oregon myrtle's area. Hikers will love to explore the trails that the wind past Douglas fir and spruce. They are situated along the side of the coastal mountain and beach. 

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Humbug Mountain State Park Campground

Visit Humbug Mountain State Park - Photo by Oregon State Parks from Facebook

Offering more than a great place for a retreat, Humbug Mountain State Park features an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy. This park is also best known for the vast and beautiful campground.

There are 96 campsites provided by the park. The campsites are divided into two sections. One is farther upstream. While, the other one is a secluded area, away from highway noise.

Both the campsites are spacious. Each of the sites provided several shaded areas provided by the forest. There are campfires provided by the park that can be used by the campers. Make sure to use the provided area only. If you are planning to bring along your pets, be sure to have them on a leash, under your watching.

Just be sure to make a reservation ahead before your camping to avoid being turned down. Book now and don't miss the good spot. Check on the campground map to find your most desirable spot.

Trails at Humbug Mountain State Park Oregon

Hikers, challenge your skills at Humbug Mountain State Park trails. This park offers some great trails through Douglas fir and spruce. It's on the side of the coastal mountain area. During your trekking, you can explore both the mountain and beach areas.

Visit Humbug Mountain State Park - Photo by Robert Ashworth from Flickr

Along with the Mount Humbug Trail, hikers can explore a five-mile trail along the mountain slopes. The trail will lead you to the 1,765-foot summit of Humbug Mountain.

This hiking trail offers the best south-facing ocean views.  Within the trail, you will be given the opportunity to discover the local wildflowers. Meet also a variety of beautiful wildflowers and plants like the myrtle, fir, and red cedar.

Humbug Mountain State Park Weather

Visit Humbug Mountain State Park - Photo by Robert Ashworth from Flickr

Make sure to check on the weather around the Humbug Mountain State Park's area before planning a visit. The weather of the area tends to warmest of the Oregon coast since the area is surrounded by mountains.

In other words, the park's area is protected by the cool breeze of the ocean. This park is open all year-round offering diverse outdoor activities to enjoy. Plan your trip and decide the best time based on your planning.


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