Visit Medicine Park for Unforgettable Day Trips and Fabulous Activities!

Nov 21, 2020 10:00 PM

Medicine Park - Photo by Wendy Servais on Google Maps
SHARE - It can be said that everyone in Oklahoma should visit Medicine Park. But, why?

Located in the Wichita Mountains in southwest Oklahoma, Medicine Park is an ancient rocky resort town. Take a trip to the past as you walk the old-fashioned Cobblestone Row filled with American history, shopping, and small-town malls.

Surrounded by stunning natural beauty on all sides, water flows through it and Mount Wichita Wildlife Reserve is right next to this small town. Come to Medicine Park and enjoy day trips or weekend trips with stunning views, swimming, fishing, hiking, cycling, shopping, or just relaxing.

Are you interested to visit Medicine Park? Before you pack your bags, it’s better to check this handy guide in advance. Let’s get started.

An Overview of Medicine Park OK

Medicine Park - Photo by Kirk McC on Google Maps

Medicine Park is situated near Mount Wichita Wildlife Reserve, a 59,020-acre wildlife reserve for deer, buffalo, and elk. There are fishing lakes, trails for biking or hiking. Besides, you can find so many other recreational areas on the reserve.

The waterfalls and water features at Medicine Park are fantastic! Water runs right through Medicine Park making it not only amazing but also perfect for fishing and swimming.

This small town is full of history, antiques, and enchanting. Also, Medicine Park boasts a long history as an ancient rocky resort town. Some of the original buildings were built from cobblestones that were naturally formed, red granite unique to the Wichita Mountains.


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