Best Things to Do at Petoskey MI State Park


Welcome to Petoskey MI State Park. In this 304-acre park, you will be served with numerous recreational things to do. They have a lot of good spots to spend your vacation like camping areas, marked trails, miles of beach, picnic places, and so on.

Visit Petoskey State Park - Photo by Petoskey State Park from Facebook

Even though there are no launch facilities provided by the park, you can still enjoy boating in the Harbor Spring and Petoskey area. They provide accessible ways of boating to Little Traverse Bay. From fishing to jet-skiing, they are possible to do here. Try them!

Also, situated between Harbor Springs and Petoskey, this park is surrounded by a number of shopping districts filling with local arts and crafts shops, and restaurants. These places will complete your visit to the city. Give yourself time to explore this area. It's worth exploring!

Petoskey State Park Camping

Visit Petoskey State Park - Photo by Petoskey State Park from Facebook

Do you enjoy camping? Consider having a camping time at Petoskey State Park. This Petoskey park offers a variety of camping styles. Located on the shoreline area, you can enjoy camping with a view of the scenic Little Traverse Bay.

Petoskey State Park offers two separate modern campgrounds for you. They are the Tannery Creek and also the Dunes. In Tannery Creek, they have 100 campsites to offer While, in the Dunes camping area, they offer 80 campsites.

The camping styles are varied widely in the area. Petoskey State Park has a remarkable variety of accommodations, features, and facilities in their campsites.


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