Petoskey State Park Hiking


Hikers, challenge your skills at Petoskey State Park hiking trails. They have two different trails that run along the park. They are the Old Baldy Trail and Portage Trail. Let's learn about the two trails:

Visit Petoskey State Park - Photo by Paul Bruce from Flickr

1. Old Baldy Trail

If you are looking for a stairway trekking, you may want to try the Old Baldy Trail. It's a half-mile trail, rated difficult for the uphill section.

They include a trail with a start that will lead you to the Old Baldy. It's a stable dune that is popular among visitors of the park. Great views await you at the peak of the dune. You can see the breathtaking view of the bay from the point.

2. Portage Trail

As for The Portage Trail, it runs through very diverse terrain. It leads the hikers to a variety of plants and wildlife. It's a 1.75-mile-long trail, rated hard for the forested and steep track. You can access this park from the Old Baldy trailhead and also from the Tannery Creek Campground.

Petoskey State Park Beach

Visit Petoskey State Park - Photo by Petoskey State Park from Facebook

Petoskey State Park has a one-mile beach area offering a great combination of sand and stones. It's popular for being a summer destination for both tourists and locals. You can visit this beach by heading to the north end of the park. It's situated in the day-use area in the park. Beach walkers will love to spend their time exploring the area.
As for the rocky shore, make sure to wear slippers or any beach shoes to keep your foot safe. The shallow areas and floating on tubes is just as great to spend the day with family or friends.


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