Visit Zoo Basel, One of The Most Favorite Attractions in Switzerland

Oct 17, 2020 11:50 PM

Zoo Base on Map - Photo by Zoo Base
SHARE - Do you want to make great memories while you are in Switzerland? Well, visiting Zoo Basel will be a great idea! Do you want to know more about this zoo? Let’s check this post out!

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About Basel Zoo Switzerland

Thomas Schoenauer on Map - Photo by Thomas Schoenauer

Zoo Basel has been attracting visitors since opening in 1874. Besides, it is one of Switzerland's most famous attractions. The focus is on relaxation, conservation, education, and research. Zoo Basel considers itself as an ambassador for the relationship between people and nature.

This zoo seeks to tell visitors about the importance of nature. In addition, it helps them understand nature's relationships. During its nearly 150 years of history, the Zoo Basel has been a tradition deeply rooted in the hearts of Basel residents.

A visit is a rewarding experience all year round: in summer, the park invites you to take a leisurely walk and see the animals in their outdoor enclosures, while pet houses provide up-close the animal's views during the winter months.

Dig out more about the Zoo Basel’s mission statement, history, and future and on how to get actively involved or work at the zoo here. With its dazzling garden landscapes and beautifully designed fences, the Zoo Basel is well worth a visit at any time of the year!

Basel Zoo Opening Times

Sandeep Kumar Vashist on Map - Photo by Sandeep Kumar Vashist

Zoo Basel is open 365 days a year. From May to August, this zoo opens from 08:00 AM to 06:30 PM. Meanwhile, in March, April, September, and October, it is open from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM. From November to February, the opening hours are from 08:00 AM to 05:30 PM.

The animal houses close 10 minutes before. Besides, the payment desk at the entrance closes 60 minutes beforehand.

Basel Zoo Address

Zoo Basel on Map - Photo by Zoo Basel

Zoo Basel is located at Binningerstrasse 40, 4054 Basel, Switzerland. You can reach it easily through this code: GHWH + XG Basel, Switzerland.

Basel Zoo Animals

Michel Chaney on Map - Photo by Michel Chaney

From African ground squirrels to zebras: discover everything you need to know about the inhabitants of this zoo. Also, you are able to choose to sponsor an animal. As you visit Zoo Basel, you can find various animals including birds, amphibians, insects, fish, mammals, reptiles, spiders, and other species.

Zoo Basel Restaurants

Pixabay - Photo by LuckyLife11

Whether it's a feast in Zolli's individually configurable rooms, lunch at the 'Elephant View' restaurant, a fast meal at the self-service restaurant or a snack at the cafeteria near the main entrance, they always offer fresh regional produce during your visit. to the Zoo Basel.  You only need about ten minutes walking to the restaurant through the zoo. Here are the restaurants in Zoo Basel to choose from.

1. Self-Service Restaurant

Would you like to enjoy the abundant wildlife at the Zoo Basel for as long as possible and not waste time on lunch or snacks? Then the self-service restaurant at the Basel Zoo is the perfect place to quickly recharge your batteries.
The widely designed self-service restaurant is a delightful place to rest. Savor a menu that changes daily and uses local, fresh ingredients straight from the animals. Whether old or young, gluten-free vegetarian, or lactose intolerant, this restaurant provides foods to suit everyone - in a quick and direct form. Apart from lunch, you can also savor a light breakfast or afternoon coffee with delightful cakes.
You should get your zoo entrance ticket to access the restaurant. You can reach it via the Zoo Basel's main entrance in Heuwaage or via the Dorenbach entrance. The restaurant is located in the middle of the zoo.

2. Restaurant "Elefantenblick"

The restaurant name 'Elephant View' conveys it all: this restaurant provides a unique view of Tembea's elephant enclosure, whether for lunch or a light snack to get you excited. Like their self-service restaurant, 'Elephant View' sets out a good shop based on sustainability and local sources. They use fresh, seasonal, local produce for their foods. To access this restaurant, you can go the same way as you go to Self-Service Restaurant.

3. Picnics

Bring your own food and drink? No problem! picnics at Zoo Basel are allowed anywhere in the zoo, except for the cafeteria, self-service restaurant, waiter service restaurant, and two restaurant terraces. You can also bring food for meal breaks in the spacious picnic area at the tables near the pavilion or in front of the training room.


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