Whiteface Mountain: Get an Unforgettable Moment at the Fifth-Highest Mountain in New York

Whiteface Mountain: Get an Unforgettable Moment at the Fifth-Highest Mountain in New York
Whiteface Mountain - Photo by https://whiteface.com/

Tripboba.com - Do you want to experience a different and challenging vacation? You will probably love to visit Whiteface Mountain. This place is famous for skiing, trekking, and taking the gondola ride.

As one of the High  Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains, Whiteface mountain boasts a breathtaking view from its summit. You will see the beauty of Lake placid and lush greenery around.

If you are planning to visit Whiteface mountain, go on a clear day for views that are miles in distance.  You can even see the Olympic Ski Jump towers located far from the Whiteface.

Before you take a trip to Whiteface, you should read carefully this article. Tripboba provides you useful information about the destination to help you arrange your itinerary!

Whiteface Mountain NY

Whiteface Mountain - Photo by Carl from Flickr

Whiteface Mountain is the fifth-highest mountain in New York and is considered as one of the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. This mountain is located in the town of Wilmington. It has been becoming home to a major ski area for instance the alpine skiing competitions of the 1980 Winter Olympics. 

People usually like visiting Whiteface during the warmer months. The pretty of Whiteface in summer makes it a natural setting for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Visitors can have an adrenaline rush or just enjoy the beautiful views with their family.

Once visiting Whiteface mountain, you will get stunning views of the Green Mountains of Vermont, the skyscrapers in Montreal, and even the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Whiteface Mountain has good access to the road.

Visitors can take a short walk through the manmade road and reach the area near the summit. There is also a staircase to reach the top of the mountain from the parking area. Along the way to the summit, you will enjoy the amazing scenery around. 

The Whiteface mountains offer lots of challenging adrenaline activities. You can take a hike along the Stag Brook Falls trail or Bear Den Mountain, play  Golf, and or bike at challenging Mountain Biking terrain.

Interestingly, you can have family fun by taking a Scenic Cloudsplitter Gondola Ride to the summit of Little Whiteface. Besides, you can drive the Whiteface Veteran's Memorial Highway to the summit. The Whiteface mountain is also well known for skiers of all levels.

Whiteface Mountain Hiking

Whiteface Mountain - Photo by PARTHA_BISWAS from Flickr

Whiteface also allows people who want to climb it. There are several available routes hikers can use. However, whiteface has numerous slopes and slides that are dangerous. Therefore, hiking is not recommended for beginners, it should be done by experienced hikers.

The trail from the ASRC

This is the shortest trail with only a 4,0-mile hike to the Whiteface's summit. When starts to hike from this trailhead, you will have a very long steep climb to Marble mountain first. Then, from its top, you will continue to Esther Mountain and the summit of Whiteface.

The trail from the Reservoir 

This is a 5,7-mile hike to the top of Whiteface mountain. The route is popularly used as the primary trail and offers easier grades for hikers. It is also not too steep but very steady.

You can start to hike from the trailhead to an open forest foot trail for 1,2 miles. Then you will be in the intersection just below the summit of Marble Mountain. Then, continue your hike until reaching the peak of Whiteface. 

The trail from Whiteface Landing

This route is a 6-mile hike to the summit of Whiteface. You will start hiking from the Connery Pond and continue through the open forest. The footing will be a bit tough in some spots, but it's rather quick. On your way to the summit, you will pass Placid lake.

Whiteface Mountain Gondola

Whiteface Mountain - Photo by joanne clifford from Flickr

Get an unforgettable 15 minutes experience flying in the air with Gondola. The Cloudsplitter Gondola Ride at Whiteface mountain brings the visitors from the main base to the peak of little Whiteface.

The Gondola operates daily from 8 am to 4.30. This ride gliding takes about 15 minutes in the air with the view of the natural beauty of Adirondack mountain. 

Once you reach the peak, you will find yourself surrounded by Lake Placid and Village, as well as other massive peaks in all of New York State. Additionally, the Gondola ride guarantees your safety. Everyone can take the gondola ride since a wheelchair is accessible there.


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