Wingaersheek Beach: An Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Destination for a Family Vacation

Oct 27, 2020 03:00 AM

Photo by Gabrielm199 from Wikimedia Commons
SHARE - Wingaersheek Beach is a beach located on the Annisquam River, West Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States. The name of the 0.6-mile-long beach is said to be originated from “Wyngaerts Hoeck”, which was derived from “Wyngaerton” which means vineland.

Wingaersheek Beach has calm waters and dunes, so it’s not a wonder that this beach is one of the most favorite destinations for the local people across all age groups. The beach also offers great amenities.

While you’re here, you don’t need to worry about finding food, because there are food and drink stalls that you can find around the beach. You can even also find beach toys that you can use to play at the beach.

Wingaersheek Beach for a family vacation. Moreover, the beach is also a perfect place for your children to play and explore, because the beach is protected from the open ocean, the water is calm and the breeze is relaxing.

At low tide, the beach extends out for hundreds of yards. You can also walk along the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset. In addition, Wingaersheek Beach is also handicapped accessible. 

While you’re at Wingaersheek Beach, you must also abide by the rules of the beach. There are some restrictions that must be followed, such as no alcohol at the beach. You must also clean and carry out the trash that you leave at the beach.

Wingaersheek Beach Gloucester

Wingaersheek Beach Dogs Rule

Photo by liz west/calliope from Flickr

You’re also allowed to bring your dog to the beach. But, the rule only applies for a specific time around the year. You are only allowed to bring your dog to the beach from October 1st to April 30th every year, and only on odd-numbered days. Meanwhile, from May 1st to September 30th, there are no dogs that are allowed at the beach.

Wingaersheek Beach Parking

Parking spaces are available at Wingaersheek Beach, but the spots are limited, so if you want to get a free spot, you must come early. There are 16 handicapped parking spaces available at the lot and beach wheelchairs are also available at the collection booth.

The fee for parking is $20 per vehicle on weekdays. And during the weekends and holidays, the price is $25 per vehicle. The parking space opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 9:00 p.m. 

Wingaersheek Beach Hotels

Photo by Beauport Hotel Gloucester from Google Maps

If you plan to visit Wingaersheek Beach for more than a day, you can stay at the nearby hotel. There is the Beauport Hotel Gloucester that is located about 6 miles away from the beach.

Beauport Hotel Gloucester offers chic rooms with nautical vibes. There are also various amenities that you can enjoy while staying here, such as a spa, bar, fitness center, restaurant, and access to Pavilion Beach.

Another alternative if you want to stay near the Wingaersheek Beach is by camping at the Cape Ann Campsite Campground. The campground is only located about one mile away from the beach.

Here, there 200 camping spots that are suitable for tents and RVs. The campsite is also completed with picnic tables, toilets, shower buildings, and WiFi.

Restaurants Near Wingaersheek Beach

Photo by Lobsta Land Restaurant from Google Maps

When you’re visiting Wingaersheek Beach, you should also visit the local restaurants to taste the deliciousness of the local cuisines.

One of the restaurants that you must check out while you’re visiting Wingaersheek Beach is the Lobsta Land Restaurant. Lobsta Land Restaurant is a seafood restaurant that serves local seafood. Here, you can find various seafood dishes that are absolutely appetizing and satisfying.

Lunch, dinner, daily special, and catch of the day menu are available for you to order. Make sure to also order their specialty menus, such as Baked Haddock Schrod, Teriyaki Marinated Sirloin Steak Tip Kabob, Coconut Battered Shrimp, Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna, Fish & Chips, and Pan-Seared lump Crabcakes. Other than those dishes, you can also order lobster dishes, burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Kids menu and desserts are also available!

Besides delicious dishes, the restaurant also offers tasty drinks to complement your meal. There are numerous specialty cocktails on the menu that you can order to accompany your foods.

Some of the drinks that you can order here are the Lobsta Lands Bloody Mary, Zojito, Devil’s Storm, Mojito, The Perfect Storm, Prickly Pear Margarita, Blood Orange Margarita, and many more.


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