Zoo Akron: Read This Guide to Know More About Akron Zoo

Oct 18, 2020 09:00 AM

Akron Zoo - Photo by Akron Zoo on Google Maps

Tripboba.com - Do you have free time this weekend? If you still don’t know where to go to spend your time, visiting Zoo Akron will be a great idea. At this zoo, we will see funny and adorable animals as you broaden your zoo experience.

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Do you want to know more about Zoo Akron? You have come to the right place! Tripboba has provided some information you probably need before you take a drive into this zoo. Keep scrolling!

Akron Zoo Lights

Photo by Keith Nutter on Google Maps

During the holiday season, Zoo Akron offers the wildest lighting display to enjoy. Almost the entire zoo is decorated and many animals will be exhibited. This is a holiday tradition you shouldn't miss!
Besides, you can get extra fun at Zoo Akron Wild Lights! What are they?

  • Visit Santa Land and tell Santa about your holiday wishes. In Santa Land, you can buy professional photos with Santa Claus.
  • You can listen to great performances from local choirs.
  • Classic Holiday Town in Grizzly Ridge.
  • Holly Jolly Hillside features North American animals and trees in sync with the music.
  • Rockin 'Lighted Spectacular along with an animated wall of lights installed for holiday music.
  • Take a photo at the Candy Cane Way.
  • Stop by at Panda Treats for fresh donuts and other snacks.
  • Purchase a glass of beer or wine, or add a boiled jolt to your hot coffee or chocolate.

Akron Zoo Hours

Photo by Michelle Thompson on Google Maps

The Zoo Akron is open daily from 10.00 AM to 03.00 PM. Tickets should be purchased online—no tickets for entry will be available at the gate.

In order to avoid overcrowding, tickets are available through time tickets. The time chosen for your ticket is the time you have to enter the park. Even Zoo Akron members should have an entrance ticket to the park. Member tickets are available online.

You need to pay attention to the date and time you buy the ticket. No time or date rescheduling is available.

Akron Zoo Membership

Photo by Matt W. Coleman on Google Maps

You and your family are able to enjoy the zoo all year round, for one low price! Stop by for a few hours or stay the whole day and enjoy the beautiful exhibits, stunning landscaping as well as special activities.

Along with unlimited free admission all year round, zoo membership gives you and your family a year-round intriguing adventure!

Your membership can help feed and care for over 1,000 exotic animals including grizzly bears, Sumatran tigers, African lions, Komodo dragons, Humboldt penguins, and many more. 

1. Family Membership $85 (Most Famous)

This membership is for two named adults and dependent kids or grandchildren under the age of 18

2. Family Plus Membership $105

This membership is for two named adults and dependent children or grandchildren under the age of 18 in addition to one named or unnamed guest. Unnamed guests are not able to use the membership without the presence of one of the adults mentioned on the card.

3. Family Deluxe $125

Meanwhile, Family Deluxe is for membership for two named adults, dependent kids, or grandchildren under the 18-year-old as well as unnamed guests per visit. Like Family Plus Membership, unnamed guests are not able to use the membership without the presence of one of the adults mentioned on the card.

4. Companion Membership $65

This membership is for one named adult and one named or unnamed guest per visit. Same as previous memberships, unnamed guests are not able to use the membership without the presence of one of the adults mentioned on the card.

5. Companion Plus Membership $85

This membership is designated for one named adult and two named or unnamed guests per visit. Remember that unnamed guests are not able to use the membership without the presence of one of the adults mentioned on the card.

6. Individual Membership $55

This membership is designed for one named adult only.

Akron Zoo Directions

Photo by Crafty Momnado on Google Maps

The main entrance is situated on the corner of Edgewood and Euclid Ave. You will turn to the main entrance of Euclid Ave. After that, you need to drive through the gate to the parking lot. After parking, you will enter the Zoo Akron through the Welcome Center.

In addition, Zoo Akron is a bike-friendly zoo with sharp protectors and bikes. Bike shelters include lockers and bicycle repair stations.


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