10 Weirdest Inventions That Will Make You Ask Yourself 'Why?'

10 Weirdest Inventions That Will Make You Ask Yourself 'Why?'
Photo by shop.goop.com / thisiswhyimbroke.com / QZUnique on Amazon

Tripboba.com - People’s creativity is just unlimited. Sometimes we’re amazed by how technology has been developed over time and it helps us a lot in our daily life.

Other times, people want to experiment with things, even though they’re very weird – but hey, there’s a market for everything!

Down below, you will see 10 of the weirdest inventions you’ll ever see that will make you ask “but why?”

As a spoiler, the answer will be a mystery – life is fun that way, isn’t it? Without further ado, scroll down to see the weird inventions!

1. Psychic Vampire Repellent 

Photo by shop.goop.com

Scared of vampires sucking out your blood in the middle of a random night?

Well, you might want to purchase this repellent. This is basically a bottle of essential oil with blends of lavender, rosemary, and juniper. With “energy-refreshing scent”, this repellent claims to “banish psychic vampires.”

2. Flipper heels 

Photo by Paul Schietekat on virtualshoemuseum.com

When you want to snorkel at the beach in the afternoon and you have to attend a party at night.

3. Unicorn meat 

Want some sparkles in your life? This can of unicorn meat maybe can give you some. With sparkles and glitter in the meat, this unicorn meat is 100% toy.

You can find a unicorn stuffed plush toy inside! 

4. Nothing 

Photo by Close Up on Amazon

Ever get so bored but you want to spend your money on basically everything just to make use of your wealth?

Well, this product is definitely for you. You can get literally nothing but the packaging. 

5. Soft cupboard 

Photo by Studio Dewi van de Klomp from Facebook

We all want a strong, firm cupboard that will store our plates and cups safely. Well, how about this very soft cupboard? It looks like it’s made of foam, and you can just slip your plates in there. 

6. Nose basketball 

Photo by The Game of Things on Amazon

This will actually be useful if you’re too bored at your school and want to play with your friends. Just don’t do it while your teacher is speaking!

7. Beer-belly fanny pack 

Be the fat-hairy-belly guy with this beer-belly fanny pack!

8. Nose-shaped shower gel dispenser 

Make your shower gel looks like snot by using this dispenser!

9. Muscle-patterned leggings 

Photo by QZUnique on Amazon

This legging literally exposed your feet… under the skin.

10. Fake awake sleeping tape

Feeling tired of work but you have to join a meeting? Well, this eye sticker would actually be helpful! Just stick it on your eyelid and voila! You can just join the meeting..... while sleeping!


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