15+ People Shared How Their Amazon Couriers Hid Their Mails in a Twitter Thread

Sep 15, 2020 01:00 PM

Photo by @__danielleeex on Twitter

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We don’t have to go to the shop and spend time and energy in choosing products.

Instead, we can do it on our bed, even while wearing pajamas. One thing though, after we order the products, we will definitely expect it to be delivered safe and sound.

For this matter, delivery couriers are often get blamed for broken packages or when they place it in an unsafe spot. While it’s not always their fault, some of them obviously didn’t even try.

Danielle McPherson uploaded her photo of an Amazon package placed on decorative rocks near her house, with a few pebbles thrown on top of the box. 

Danielle’s tweet went viral in no time and people are replying to the tweet with their own experience of Amazon trying to hid their parcels when they couldn’t find the person. Check out the photos down below!






Some of the replies implied that it’s not the deliveryman’s fault that they hid the package so “effortlessly”. When people don’t have a proper mailbox where the deliveryman can use for storing the mails, then it’s not their responsibility to make one. Deliverymen also have tight time frame and can’t go searching around every house for a good spot. However, the pictures are still hilarious to look at!












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