15 Jokes About Friendzone People Shared on the Internet That Hit Too Close to Home

Oct 15, 2020 09:30 PM

Photo by @azwan_ on Twitter

Tripboba.com - Ah, love. The tricky feelings that you can’t tell if someone you have fallen for feel the same way as you do— even when we’re in a relationship, we tend to always question if our partner still loves us the same.

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But, there are people who can’t even get into a relationship with the person they like, because they have been “friendzoned.”

Friendzone is a zone that someone makes for people whom they won’t date but will keep around as friends. This can mean that they’re afraid to ruin the friendship, or they simply don’t like the person in a romantic way.

But, being placed in this zone is frustrating for many people, because while their feelings don’t go away, they can keep seeing the person they like and they will still feel as if they have a chance. Well, no one can tell.

Down below are the funniest tweets picked by Tripboba about friendzone. Maybe, just maybe, you can relate to them!

If you have been liking someone for some time and they don’t show any sign that they like you back after you make your effort, then there’s a pretty big chance that you’re friendzoned!

Read the relatable tweets down below!



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